cleaning sand

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Jul 22, 2004
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i bought some fine sand for $4 from rona.. a 55 lb bag.. but i cant really get the sand to go clear...

im wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to clear it up?

if not im just gonna go buy the coarse sand, which probably wont be a problem.. but i have 3 tanks to sand up..

i spent like 30 mins washing the sand, but whenever any sand moves on the bottom, it flares up with dusty fine sand.. and its really annoying.. ill probably have to go with the other sand but i thought id ask and maybe save $4 (cheap arse)
What I have read ( no exp. yet) is that pool filter sand is much easier to work with. Might cost a little more, but it is much more clean to begin with (since it is meant to be used for filtration), save you a bunch of time and hassle. HTH.
The thing with any sand is that is needs to be washed, then washed, then washed again, and again, and again to remove that annoying 'dust' and cloud. It is very pain staking but bear with it to get it right.
After everythime you wash it, let it sit for like 20 sec. It should be fine. Unless that sand is really realyl dirty.

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