Celestial Pearl Danio


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Jul 31, 2006
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Scientific name: Celestichthys margaritatus

Common names: Celestial Pearl Danio / Galaxy Rasbora

Family: Cyprinidae

Origin: Southeast Asia

Maximum size: 4cm <1"

Care: This is a relatively easy fish to care for, It has proven to be quite hardy and tolerant of a wide variety of water conditions. It should be kept in average community parameters: soft, neutral to slightly acidic water conditions and kept at a temperature of around 26C (78.8F). As a small fish you should choose tank mates with care that are not likely to eat the fish or ones that are boisterous. This may cause stress leeding ot inadvertant injury of the fish.

Feeding: This fish inhabits the middle of the tank so any flake or sinking dry food will be accepted. I use Tetra Prima granules which are readily taken. The fish also appreciates meals of bloodworms or daphnia. Frozen or live is accepted.

Sexing: The male is slightly smaller but more colourful than the female with very red fins in breeding condition. The female is plumper with a paler belly.

Breeding: This fish will readily breed given the right conditions. I have had success with a suitable pair in a breeding tank with water conditions for general care. I had a sand substrate (but probably not essential). Bare bottom or gravel may do just as well. I also used a spawning mop. The fish showed signs of spawning activity on the second day in the tank. After that they were removed and I started dosing the tank with infusoria. About a week later I noticed what looked like slivers of glass around the sides of the tank. It took 6 weeks to get the fish to a recognizeable size and also to start showing their colour. The fry will take small foods like brineshrimp or microworms. I also had success with foods like Hikari First Bites and Tetra fry food.

Mod Note: Photo used with permission by sean from The Tropical Tank