Buck-toothed Tetra


Jan 24, 2005
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Common name/s: Buck-toothed Tetra; Saw-toothed Tetra

Scientific name: Exodon paradoxus

Family: Characidae

Origin: Amazon Basin

Maximum size: 6" (15cm) 3" more likely in captivity

Care: Large, well covered aquarium, with ample swimming space. Efficient filtration is a must. Subdued lighting is prefered. Temperature range: 77-84d F (22-29d C)

Feeding: Meat based commercial formulations, deep frozen, freeze dreid, and live foods all excepted. Crickets or feeders can be used as a treat.

Sexing and breeding: Sexing unknown. Will lay eggs scattered among vegetation. Hatching takes one and a half days.

Comments: Aggressive predator, should be kept in school of at least 5 and prefferably larger groups. Only kept with larger, robust fish. In small groups, the fish will attack and kill weaker members until there is only one of the species left. This fish has been kept succesfully with Piranhas, especially Red Bellied Piranhas, but do so at own risk. This is a fast moving, active fish, and should be given a large enough tank to grow in (29g for juviniles, 55g for adults).
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