Breeding Starfire Glo Tetras.

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Dec 2, 2023
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Sri lanka
Picking the Right Starfire Tetra pair is the start for breeding Starfire Tetras in quarantined tanks. Males are small in size with pointed and long-narrow dorsal fins and more starfire-red on their caudal fins. Females are bigger and plump with a whit-line on the adipose fin between the dorsal and caudal fin.
The male starfire always will stay close to the female and if they are a school you would see 1:3 ratio of female to male trying to lock each other rubbing off on plant leaves, decor, hardscape and trying to nip off anal fins of the male when they are in matting behavior.
I use a plastic container which is a 5 litre, size (28cmx20cmx10cm). Plastic works as great insulators and absorb heat at room temperature so you don't need a heater if your in a tropical island.
The quarantine container needs to be housed with straw from rice bags shredded in to strips balled together which defuse any stress for the Starfire Tetra Pair while mating. The container should be kept in low or dim light shelves or racks if possible covered to speed up the mating without any disturbance.
The dimension of the tank does not let the Starfire Tetra pair to eat the eggs once its layed from insemination till fry are free swimmers. This can take a couple of days from the fertilisation of eggs upto 48 to 72 hours. The mating pair can be moved back to the main tank after eggs are fertilised and layed.
As mentioned above Moving the Tetra pair from the main tank to the quarantine tanks takes planning and organising. You need to prep the quarantine tank with an air stone pump, recommended dosage of methylene blue for the required 5 litre quarantined tank and dechlorinated water and season for 4 days. This procedure make the tetra pair to mate faster.
Starfire Tetras are egg layers and they lay eggs like a mountain glued together. Once the fry are free swimming you can keep them for a couple of days without food and start Hikari First bites. Infursuria, brine shrimps also can be fed once insemination. After 1 to 2 weeks you could move the Tetras to a larger tank for faster progress.


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