Blue Devil Damsel

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Aug 23, 2003
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COMMON NAME: Blue Devil Damsel

OTHERS: Blue Damsel

SCIENTIFIC: Chrysiptera Cyrea

ADULT SIZE: 2.4 or (6cm)

RANGE: Indo-pacific region, Northern part of the Great Barrier Reef

MINIMUM AQUARIUM SIZE: 10g (l) (If this is the only fish in the aquarium)

SOCIAL: CAUTION - A very aggressive species. They will become a threat to each other and other fish that are less aggressive or similar in size. Their prescence will make life difficult or impossible for a mild mannered community. As the fish gets older they live up to their name, devil. If they are kept in groups, keep one male to several females. They become territorial when kept in these groups.

Males: Males are a shiney bright blue with a yellowish-orange tail. Example below.

Females: Females are also a shiney bright blue with one black dot on the hindmost of the body. (under where the dorsal fin ends) Example below.

If these fish are stressed, they will turn either a dark purple or black.

At night they might turn a clearish blue.

DIET: Varied diet, meaty food, as well as mysid, brine shrimp, and bloodworms. Feed 2-3 times daily and, ideally, this fish will also nibble on algae.

REEF AQUARIUM BEHAVIOR: No issues with reef living. An excellent and compatible fish.

CARE IN CAPTIVITY: An easy fish for beginners and is a very hardy fish. This fish will nibble on algae and zooplankton and is an ideal Reef aquarium choice. It will ignore invertebrates. It also needs plenty of small hiding places throughout the aquarium. The water quality needs to be high with a specific gravitation of 1.020-1.025 range, and a pH of 8.1-8.4. The tempature needs to be between 70 and 80 degreess Fahrenheit.

PERSONAL NOTE: This fish is gorgeous when it is young and is tempting to the new marine aquarist. Plus they are pushed at times in the hobby. But if tempted, be prepared to deal with a pugnacious and obnoxious fish later on that will live on and on and on. Please use caution selecting this guy. Its not fair to him to be displaced later because the keeper made a bad choice.

(Information provided from my experience plus a wide range of fish manuals and guides, including web sources)
(Thanks to TBLightingFan for outline and some information)

Males:(Yellow belly results of light)Females:


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