Blond blue star endlers

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Sep 13, 2016
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Well, besides the N-classs blue star endlers, I'm also keeping the blond hybrid version ever since 2013. I got a small group donated by good friends of mine Peter Raschke and his wife Astrid. To get the the blond version, blue star males were crossed to blond female guppies without any markings in the fins and on the body. F1 offspring would be all grey bodied. Crossing brother and sister, the new offspring would give both blond and grey bodied offspring. The blondes were separated from the grey bodied and were linebred till true breeding blond blue stars.
To keep my stock of blondes with good pattern and colors, I occasionally add a grey bodied male to the group. And select the new offspring which are blond from the grey ones again.
They’re very pretty fish. What is your favorite fish you have I guess made from crossing two kinds?
My favorite fish is the Micropoecilia picta. Also known as swamp guppy.

I don't have a particular favorite when it comes to crossing projects. For I do like them all, tbh...

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