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Aug 6, 2023
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I've not posed about this yet because I wanted to wait until I physically had it. Until now I have had my planted 105L and a 54L QT. I found a deal that I simply could not pass up and I have filled the last possible space in my room. (Not allowed to expand my fish keeping territory sadly). I proudly present to you my next project:

280 Litres or 75 US Gallons
120 x 40 x 60 cm
CIANO En Pro120
Stand: Emotions Nature Pro

Price to buy new: €750+
The deal price: €350

I'm thrilled with the deal I found, and the condition after a quick clean is like new!
As a student I don't have a lot of extra income to spend on my hobbies, so I don't expect this to be up and running quickly. That means that I have lots of time to spend researching and discussing! I'd like to make this as close to perfect as I can get, choosing the best equipment, hardscape etc.

The problem is, I don't know which style of tank I want to do or which fish I want to cater for (so far I've been thinking of moving my 12 hengels rasbora in and increasing their numbers.)

So people (and werewolves) of TFF: I'm hoping to hear your suggestions or ideas, and see your tanks of similar size! :yahoo:

My Water Parameters:
  • pH of 7.6
  • GH of 9
  • KH of 5.5
GH/KH are german degrees
My tap water has 10ppm Nitrates
Trigonostigma Hengeli need a tank temperature of 23-28 degrees Celsius
No real suggestions but that looks like a great deal! Looking forward to the build, you have lots of options with a tank that size.

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