Bettafix works on pop-eye, right?

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Mar 18, 2004
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So I'm checking up on everybody today, when all of a sudden I notice that Vassago's left eye is HUGE :crazy:
I just did a water change yesterday and he was fine!! I can't believe this.
This is my first time dealing with pop-eye, so is Bettafix fine, or do I need something else? He was in the split 10 gallon, so I separated him and added salt and Bettafix. I sure hope he gets better soon, because right now, to be honest, he's hideous :/ *lol* (Yeah ok, this is no laughing matter, but still...)
I think popeye is caused by a bacterial infection. I would treat it with some Maracyn if you have it. That or possibly tetracyline. I don't think bettafix is an antibiotic, I think it is a natural remedy to help with healing minor cuts or fin rot, kinda like Melafix.

I am no expert of course, so please do wait for a second opinon.
I agree with above. If you can get Tetracycline (or maracyn) it works wonderful for popeye. Long ago I had a betta with popeye, I used Tetracycline tablets and it cleared up almost instantly :nod:

Good Luck with Vassago, I hope it clears up :thumbs:
are you sure he has popeye? orange dude has googlie eyes not huge but a pic? (or is he too fast like mine?)
If his eye popped up that much overnight i'd say it most likely is popeye.

Maracyn works wonders on that stuff. In fact, you should see some improvement within just a few short days.

I'd skip the BettaFix.
Alright, I was out of Maracyn last night but I just got some more today, so Vassago should be on his way to recovery... and trust me 50,000_tears, no fish just naturally has an eye that disproportionately large. :p
Glad you got the Maracyn. Good luck and keep us posted on his progress.

*Off topic*

Psst......You need to let us know how your babies are doing..........

*Back on topic*

Hope Vassago feels better soon
FishEnthusiast said:
Psst......You need to let us know how your babies are doing..........
Haha... I'll go update that thread right now! :lol:
Good news!! For a fews days there Vassago didn't seem to be getting any better and the entire left side of his face was inflamed and just painful to look at... but today his eye is back to normal size (still a little red and foggy looking though) and he looks MUCH better. Just goes to show you what water changes and the proper medication can do :thumbs:
I think my Shred has just developed popeye as well. His eyes appear bigger, but what I noticed first was that his eyes are cloudy. Is that a sign of popeye as well? I've put in some maracyn already.
Just letting you guys know that Vassago got to return to the split 10 gallon today, woohoo!! His eye looks GREAT and is healing on its own now, just a tiny bit foggy still. I'm sure he'll be completely back to normal in two days tops :nod:

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