Betta Babies

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Jul 31, 2004
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I was just wondering what you people (who had sucessfully got your bettas to spawn) do with all those betta fry when they're 2 months old... I have a little more over 100 and i've decided to just give some away to friends who PROMISED me that they'd give them a good home..(believe me i told them i'd kill them if they dont take care of them and im gonna check up on them!) ..

I know a guy that works in the fish department at the local Pet Club and i might ask him if he wants any for the shop but i dunno cuz they kinda suck and i dunno if they are aloowed to do that... What did/would you do?
depends on waht the spawn is. Are they crowntails ore veiltails? vts you'll porbably have to sell them to petstores (sad i know)

if they are nice crowntails, you can sell them online, some forum members might be interested in buyin some too :)
The dude is a steel blue VT... And the girl is a turquiose CT.. I might just give some to all the fish freaks at my skool.. (Believe it or not but there is a FISH CLUB at my high school) Plus ill try asking the dude at the pet store.. its worth a try.
Just curious, what came out of the VT and CT breeding? Were there some VTs and some CTs, or were most of the babies somewhere in between?

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