Aquarium Stand Covers / Water Change Setup


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Aug 2, 2013
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Build my own metal stand covers and water change equipment.  For people new to the aquarium hobby I will help them at hardly no price at all.  Just trying to help more then make a living on this.  All shipping will be estimated at time of order, no reason to gouge you and say $10 if it only cost $6 for ground.
Water Change Setup includes piping and siphon at length you need.  Run this out window or door to outside.  I use 22FT but can build to your spec.  To give you an idea, I will charge $40-50 for 22FT where Petco charges $70+ for Pyhton.  Price also depends on siphon needed (size large, medium small).
I also can include the sink to yard hose setup with marine (drinking safe) hose (length again on you).  Price varies on length.
Finally, if you need to cover your gawdy metal stand and/or hide cabes...  Price varies per tank size/stand.  I will need your length, width, and height measured at end to end (contact me for more details)  price for 55G will run about $50-60.  Can do any color, semi gloss or flat if you dont want a sheen.