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Aquarium Adventure, Columbus Oh


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Apr 6, 2013
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Aquarium Adventure
3632 W. Dublin-Granville Road
Columbus OH USA
I started going to this store with my husband when all we had was his SW tank. Before this I really wasn't into this hobby at all. I hadn't had a tank in 8 years and the last one I had, I had a heck of a time with so I just gave up.
I was always impressed with how knowledgable the staff seemed to be. Everytime we went in there, I would just stand in front of this enormous planted tank they had and just marvel at it. I started to ask questions about it and about how hard it would be to create something like it at home. The staff were always willing to talk to me and never pressured me into anything. They actually told me that it wouldn't be a good idea to start out with an expensive CO2 system in case I didn't like it and told me that if I got the right plants I wouldn't need it anyway. That impressed me to no end! They were more interested in me being happy with my tank than making a ton of money on an easy mark.
I desided to use an old tank that Chris used to have for SW and use that for my first planted aquarium. Over the course of a few months, I did my research which included reading Freshwater Aquariums for Dummies but most of it was done in that store, asking questions of the staff. I don't think they ever steared me wrong.
In the end I had a beautiful tank with healthy fish and have had very few problems. They have almost every fish and invert for FW that I can think of and so many plants! The few times I have had issues they have patiently walked me through it either in person or over the phone. I had ich once and was devestated and the guy I talked to said that since I had inverts I couldn't medicate. So he told me to feed a high protien diet, keep them well fed and do frequent water changes. In 6 weeks I didn't notice any ich and none of my fish died.
How long have you been going to this store?
Well over two years. Everything I have ever purchased has come from there. I am starting to realize they may be a bit overpriced but the Fish Club is great and they have frequent sales. I won't go anywhere else!
Customer Service
I never have to wait for someone to help me. No matter how busy they are. They take time to train employees and only hire people who are in the hobby. Very friendly and knowledgeble.
Beautiful store. Sometimes I just go to look.
Healthy stock. Only seen a dead fish once and a few sickly SW fish. Never had anything die right away.
Knowledgeble staff
Excellent selection of fish and plants. Both SW and FW
Excellent selection of equipment
Fish Club is cheap to join
I little pricey
Takes 30 min for me to drive there
They have bettas in the tiny bowls and sell the tiny Betta Cubes. But the bettas always look healthy.
Highly Recommend!



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