API Aqua Essential Aquarium Water Conditioner


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Jul 29, 2021
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Hi guys has anyone used this product for nitrate removal. I have nitrate in my tap water so when i do water changes i'm using 2 API Nitra-Zorb Pouches, i use 1 pouch in my filter and keep one it salt water solution for recharging to swap then i water change. API Aqua Essential Aquarium Water Conditioner says it removes nitrate which would be easier than recharging pouches. Anyone used this and does it remove nitrate?.
There is already a thread on this product, which you may like to read :)

I just looked this product up on the API site, and there are some aspects to recognize. From the FAQ data, this conditioner would appear to be much the same as Seachem's Prime. Both detoxify ammonia, nitrite and nitrate, but do not remove them. API says these nitrogen compounds are "bound" for up to 48 hours only. If ammonia, nitrite or nitrate test after that, another water change using this product is necessary. Prime works the same.

The purpose of these two products is to deal primarily with ammonia, nitrite or nitrate in the source water. At the end of the 24-48 hours, the aim is to have the bacteria/plants easily handling the "detoxified" ammonia/nitrite/nitrate. Neither are intended to solve problems with ammonia/nitrite/nitrate occurring within the aquarium. The biological system should be dealing with that without intervention.

EDIT: As I was typing, @Essjay posted the link to another thread, which I have read. I think the same conclusion was reached. Bottom line, do not use either Prime or the Aqua Essential unless you have ammonia, nitrite or nitrate in the source (tap) water. Neither product is what I would call "safe" because of the chemicals and what they do long-term.

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