Anyone like computer generated music?

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May 19, 2022
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I don't mean the old beep beep beep stuff. I mean real music that is totally computer generated with graphics to match.

Some of my favorites in this is done by an outfit called Animusic. Before you say computer music sucks at least check out the following. At least do me the favor of looking. You just may like. This is NOT normal computer music.

This is what I guess one would call the signature for Animusic. It is called Pipe Dreams. I like this but it is not close to my favorite.

This one is also VERY cool but the graphics are just a touch on the creepy side, Resonant Chamber.

This is my absolute favorite from Animusic called Harmonic Voltage. The graphics are cool but the music is just really good music. Even though not done by any well known band this is actually one of my all time favorites even if totally computer generated. It is just REALLY good! Even if you don't look at the other two look at this one. It is me.

This stuff is off the wall. Don't expect lyrics as they don't exist. This is all just straight music with some pretty cool graphics. At least take a look at Harmonic Voltage as this is me.
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My problem isn't the technology, although graphics to go with music don't interest me. If music isn't live, it isn't visual to me.
It's always the problem with 'like'. You fall into really hard to define things there. I found the clips I listened to very predictable, but I can see someone using music differently than I do getting into that. It may not be my style, but I appreciate your sharing it. I wouldn't have known that without giving it a listen.
I had a flatmate back in the broke and hungry days who was an art school guy, and his electronic collection kind of grew on me - a lot of weird stuff from the 1940s onward. I couldn't avoid listening to the experimental (but not progressive rock) music of the forties to seventies. because he played it loud.

I followed your links to listen to more, hence the edit. Resonant Chamber was visually very cool - neat ideas for the graphics.
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No computer wizz child will ever beat the original composers of electronic music

Jean Michel Jarre

Seen both live, cannot be beaten by anyone.

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