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Amano Shrimp Dining on Minnow Eggs?


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Jan 26, 2020
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Dallas, TX
I have 2 Amano shrimp in a 10g with 5 White Clouds and one fry, maybe a juvenile by now. I am not sure how/why one fry survived and no others? Is it possible the 2 Amanos eat gobs of minnow eggs? I wouldn't mind 15-20 minnows as I am currently cycling a 20g.

The 5 minnows and 2 shrimp, and 1 Assasin snail, havebeen in a 10g and have been tank mates for quite a while and I don't want to upset the peaceful balance.
I think my real issue is what to go in my 20g?
I LOVE the minnows but I have 10 Rainbow Furcatas in QT in a 5g and am worried about tank mates for them as far as stocking the 20g. Maybe move 10 Furcatas into 10g and minnow tank occupants into 20g?
I also have 5 adult well established CPDs in a 6g within Assassin snail and 3 RCS. I planned on the Furcatas and Danios together but I just can't see myself comfortable with any nipping, etc.
I'm thinking species only tanks but wish I could guarantee the community environment will work out with Furcatas and...? Or CPDs and...?
Also, I had a horrible time with16 Green neons. My LFS has had plenty of them for a while. I didn't research and made mistakes that cost their lives.

Am I looking at another opportunity with the Green Neons? Will they go with WCMMs, CPDs, or Furcatas? I would want at least 7 and at most.....?
Sorry text is huge then small...not sure how to fix.
So I guess the issue is...remove the shrimp from 10g minnow tank, get more fry, upgrade them to 20g upgrade 10 Furcatas..no risks?
I'm pretty sure they are reproducing...big bellies, small bellies. Lots of a activity, crazy healthy tank!

Okay. ???
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