Almond Smelling Gravel From Pets At Home


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Apr 4, 2013
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please read this topic for further information

gravel was their Premium aquarium gravel , brown natural colour

store admit its possibly deadly to your fish.
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It's more than likely there's be a mixed up in the factory where they get there gravel from. It happens a lot, In any trade. I respect Pets at home removing it and checking it out. 
Just out of interest, why did you start another thread to point back to the first one? Surely the update on the first thread was enough?
curiously ,  because you replied to this one , and alot of people skip over posts that have an older start date .... and also to place a almond thingy , in the title which is more descriptive then just GRAVEL.    it jsut helps thats all. especially if someone else had the same prob and was only reading headline posts 

on the gravel subject, what possible mixup could there be in the factory that would leave this smell on the gravel ?
Not sure if anyone will see this as it's been so long since the original post but I've just bought some of this gravel and it's smells like almonds and my first thought went to the potential link with cyanide. Googled it to see if there was any info and stumbled on this thread! But cannot access the link posted by JCorvinus so hoping someone knows if there was an explanation the the almond smell?

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