Aggressive Malawi


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Aug 6, 2017
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Over the last couple of years my remaining blue Malawi has seen off all of his smaller companions. I have recently introduced a couple of catfish hoping they may put up a fight, however it was suggested by the aquarium in Barnstaple north Devon to introduce further Malawi of a similar size , if anyone out there within North Devon has a reasonable size Malawi please let me know thank you
Malawi isn't necessarily the name of a species of fish. Saying you have a blue malawi simply means you have an African cichlid that hails from Lake Malawi. What species are we talking about and what size is the tank?

Africans cichlids need to be pretty crowded in their tanks. Having several individuals helps to spread aggression as well as help victims get "lost in the crowd". Having a good hardscape also helps. Most Africans appreciate having a couple big rock piles one either end of the tank. Hiding places are key to happy Africans.

I have over a dozen Africans in a 55gal tank and there is minimal aggression. When I have problem fish crop up I simply trade the aggressor in at my local pet store. I've only had 2 fish get killed by others and the ones that did the killing were removed from the tank.

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