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Dec 3, 2006
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Cleveland, UK
Hi .... does anybody have any advice or experience on these tanks...particularly the Percula 120 Reef Aquarium. I know its kinda expensive at £1500 but it includes more or less all the major equipment you would need i believe and makes it a simpler set up and go option. It would probably cost around this much anyway to buy all the equipment seperate wouldnt it?
Here is a link to the spec

thanks in advance
If I had the choice between an empty tank costing 1,500 VS. or 1,500 parted together and have few bucks left to fill the tank (other than with air). I'd choose the latter :good: . Nearly 3,000 U.S. dollars (with the days conversion rate) I could do wonders.

When I did "Reef" I ran the 125 gallons in the H.A.N.D.Y. Method with slight tweeking. Basically a Sump with a Turbo-Flotor 1000 and no other medias (be it bio-balls or bales). Power Compact retro fit lights (four 96 watt number) with that I didn't need a heater to keep it in the 78/80 day time range and slight drop for night time temp. I'd bet I could still put together my tank and rig under 3,000 and still have cash left without deals or discounts.
Wow, I know UK prices are a little expensive, but 1500 for all that? Sounds like a lot to me :crazy:. Aside from the tank, its really only other expensive item is the aquamedic skimmer. Dunno, like I said, I dont live in the UK so I cant speak for the value, but it seems a little off to me. You might want to try asking this question in the marine section :)

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