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Jul 24, 2004
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Canada BC, VanCouver IsLand
Im getting a 55g next week and im not sure wat to stock it with i dont really want africans, Im think a pairs of JD(at my LFS) or sumthing like that. Please tell me ur sugestions :D
Why not some apistos? Angels? Keyholes? Covicts? Rams? firemouths?

anything take your fancy...apart from the JDs which will need more room

Edit: I don't mean keep all these fish together! :lol: just giving a few suggestions. Sorry if anybody got the wrong impression :nod:
texas cichlids! Those are osme great cichlids. Very pretty
a PAIR of JDs will be fine in a 55 so long as you get them young if you get one big one it gets a bit more tricky. some other fish that you can look at are some of the pike cichlids I just picked up a male Crencichla Fernata which are kind of rare but do well in a 55.
Ya i thought JD's would be alright there breeding pair full grown at my LFS. But there like 50$ and i think i might get the small anyways so i can watch them grown! would 3 be pushing it? 3 babys about 3"each? ill have them forever so im wondering if 3 Will be to many :blink:
im no expert on cichlids, but it minght be okay. My lfs has some that have been in a 20 gallon tank for like 6 months, and theyre full grown. They move around fine.

But if you do get three that minght not be the best idea. Because they will pair off, and then the other one minght get killed. Herd that it happens alot. And if you get two males your in for some trouble, because they fight.
wrs is right on top of it the problems here are two fold in that if you do end up getting a pair out of them that pair will make life horrible for the single fish left out, secondly the male of that pair will also more than likely to see the entire tank as his territory and when the pair have fry he will patrol the entire tank keeping others away from his mate and the fry. while the female will also keep the others away from the fry, on top of that the pair will move the fry a couple of times per day.

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