40g breeder filter advice

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Mar 29, 2022
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San Diego, California
I’ve only ever had 5 and 10 gallon aquariums and I’m setting up my first 40 gallon breeder. I’ve done a couple months of research and I decided that if I do consistent large volume water change every week I’ll be able to raise 2 baby Ranchu goldfish in the tank. My question is regarding my filtering. I bought 2 “large up to 60 gallon” aquaneat sponge filters on Amazon and a 4.5 watt “50-70” gallon aquarium pump (dual outlet)
I know overfiltering is always recommended but I don’t know if this mix of 2 over sized filters and an over qualified air pump will cause any problems for my fish.
Any additional suggestions or advice would be appreciated in regards to setting up the tank or keeping the fish
You don't want too much water movement for fancy goldfish because they can't swim as well. Fancy goldfish being any fish with a double tail (fantail) or short body.

Ranchu goldfish are a type of balloon fish and their body has been shortened, thus squishing up their internal organs. They have more health issues that normal shaped fish.

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