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May 12, 2023
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Nova Scotia (Canada)
They aren't super well stocked, the hobby market here in the Halifax area is probably not the greatest, but the staff seems decently knowledgeable and I noticed that they are making themselves very useful for the local community: we had some serious wildfires that caused about 16.000 people to evacuate and was very glad when last I walked into the store and found the whole quarantine section full of fishes that were being kept in behalf of the evacuated people.

Good job right there.
In the time I was away from the hobby I assumed Big Al's had spread but I see they are still Ont centric. (We can leave the discussion of whether they are good or not to another day.)
Are there any regional pet chains in the Maritimes?
Ahah he even has an episode on Aquarica, the other smaller store.
Great. I didn't follow him because I don't like seeing video of big fish. Any tank, even his giant ones, are small for a stingray.. I don't really approve of keeping big fish as pets. However, now I must follow him to see if there's any local tip.

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