yoyo loach

  1. Circus

    Yoyo Loach Size Difference

    So I have had my Yoyo Loaches since February and some of them show good growth. Others are the same size as when I purchased them. The largest one is about 3.5 inches and has doubled in size since February. The smallest is not even 1.5 inches, I don't think it has grown at all in the 6 months...
  2. Circus

    Loach Hides?

    I can get terracotta pots for cheap enough locally, but do loaches (DCL, Yoyo, Dojo) prefer pvc pipes (seems to be what a lot of people suggest)? Do hardware stores (Lowes, Home Depot) cut them to size like they do wood pieces? I see that they sell long pvc pipes, but do not have the tools to...
  3. Circus

    Yoyo Loach Placement

    I am VERY set on getting some yoyo loaches. I have 3 options for which tank I can put them in. Ph: 7.4. Hardness: 110 ppm First Option 55 Us Gallon Acrylic 78° F 200 W Heater (adjustable), Tidal 75 filter, Tetra Whisper 60 Air Pump, Aqueon OptiBright+ 30" LED Light Play Sand Mix of fake and...
  4. Aynia

    Fairly new and full of questions

    Hi all, my name is Aynia. I've already posted a few threads on the forum and realized that I never did an introduction post. About me: I'm from Ontario, I love anything geeky/nerdy, anything artsy or crafty and I absolutely love animals. I'm a bit of a crazy cat lady but have recently really...
  5. Aynia

    Cycle not finishing - Fish dying - Help!

    Hey all, brand new here and fairly new to the fish keeping hobby. We always had fish growing up, and I had betta's in university, but it hasn't been until the last few months that I've really been diving into the hobby and learning as much as I can. About 2 months ago we got a brand new 38gal...