white dots

  1. V

    Rope fish white dots everywhere? (pls help)

    I recently got a 8” rope fish for my 55 gallon tank, 2 days ago he started getting little white bubbles all over his body, I initially thought they were bubbles because he likes to swim through the bubble pad stone. But considering they did not go away; rather increase in amount, I have my...
  2. wfykitty

    What is the white dot in the tank? Is it algae?

    I just clean the tank yesterday and this white dot appears all over in the tank. Is it just the algae or it’s something like germs or bacteria that are bad to fish? thank you.
  3. Guyb93

    What are these dots ?

    I have loads of dots on the inside of my glass they are almost transparent with a slight white tint my water is ok test results show Gh 120 KH 50 Ph6.5-7 NO2 0 N03 20-40 , my NO3 maybe slightly high I’m just not sure what they are they come off easy enough with the magnet cleaner
  4. A

    Betta Turned Brown,looks Dead-Barely Swimming

    So today i went to go feed my betta but i noticed yesterdays food looked like it was spit out.He refused to eat the additional food i gave him today.I looked at my fish and it looked dead.Its body went from a nice blue to a brown,his fin are all ripped up,hes not really swimming,he is bent...