water testing

  1. N

    Cycling and API water testing

    Hello there. I am cycling a tank for the first time, its 15l, supposed to be for a beta. Now, I have it up and running on and off for about a month now, but since I was away for a week and electricity stopped working while I was away, I changed the whole water- so now the tank is running with...
  2. A

    Understanding water test/ lowering ammonia

    I recently started up a tank. I used to keep bettas with my grandma (mostly just helped her feed them lol) and didn’t realize what care went into fish keeping. That being said, I had an impulse moment and bought a betta. I had him in a ten gallon alone but wanted to start a community because he...
  3. chieftain2121

    watned dead or alive all round good water test meter

    Hi Guys Please can anyone advise me what meters to use to check PH TDS KH Cannot recall the other ones. I have had bad luck using singular meters for PH, TDS etc. And have vowed not to buy cheap ones again. For instance getting a cheap TDS meter to show the correct value for Reverse...
  4. simonero

    Ph, Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate Problem... Need Advice & Knowledge&#

    Hello there!!!   Due to thievery of buckets and general busyness/laziness with perfectly maintained tanks... my tanks are no longer perfectly maintained and my water is crazy.  Now I have some questions.  For the stats, after the LFS telling me I had issues, I bought a test kit yesterday to test...
  5. thefishmesswithmywater

    Glass Test Tubes

    I have managed to break two glass test tubes in as many days. I have the API master test kit but do I need to replace them with more API ones or could I get a more robust replacement? I don't want to mess up the test results :/ I am guessing plastic would be no good. I am open to changing...
  6. BelldandyShanny

    Purely Out Of Curiosity

    I have a questiong about water test kits.  I know I have seen pretty much everyone say that the quick dip strips are wildly innacurate.  My question is how are they innacurate? Like, false positive, false negative? No reading whatsoever? My main reason for asking aside from just plain curiosity...