upside down catfish

  1. primsloaches16

    Help!! Synodontis Nigrita or Ocellifer?

    Hey y'all! I was under the impression that my two fish, Shade and Midnight, were Upside Down Catfish (Synodontis Nigriventis) as they were SOLD AS SUCH, WITH MY NIGRIVENTIS. Looking further into it, they do not match the coloration or shape, so I went sleuthing. As far as I can see, I believe...
  2. primsloaches16

    Media of my lovelies- Will be Updated!

    Hey y'all! I have so many pics of my babies I want to share, but I felt like I was clogging up my posts with new threads for each time, so this will be a catalog of my pics, and will be updated when I get more! I hope y'all enjoy!
  3. Wizard Lizard

    Upside down catfish tank mate questions.

    So just a couple of things to get out of the way, this is my first post on this forum, idk what im doing, and im bad with words so please bear with me, ill try my best to be nice, polite, and clear. Also im not new to this hobby (couldnt find a better place to post this so if this is in the...
  4. Tttay89

    Is this 100% white spot? Or a pattern

    I bought an upside down cat yesterday. I could have sworn I didn't see this pattern on it and when introducing to the tank. But was pretty fast moving. Woke up this morning and noticed this. Does it look like white spot? If so what steps shall I take? Many thanks
  5. I

    upside down catfish

    I want to ask you about upside down catfish. I have bought one three days ago . will it continue being shy all the time or it will show up as it grows?
  6. Ellphea

    Considering adding a fish

    I currently have a well established 55gal stocked with the following: 1 ropefish/reedfish 3 bronze cories 3 sterbai cories 1 pearl gourami 1 gold gourami 1 upside down catfish I was wondering if I could safely add another fish species, preferably something colorful and active to liven up the...