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  1. M

    Temperature for dwarf gourami and danios

    I just got a JW Fusion Smart Temp Aquarium Thermometer and a Eheim jager trutemp submersible heater 75w for my 20 gallon high tank. Have heater on 76. Thermometer has shown 81 since I put it in and that was before I plugged heater in. Thermometer works fine outside the tank. I put it on my...
  2. Mizz_MayDK

    Monitoring system recommendations

    I'm looking for some kind of monitoring system that will meassure eg. pH, nitrate, nitrite, temperature, tds etc. I have a TDS meter, digital thermometers in each tank and different chemical test sets to test for nitrate, nitrite and pH. I'd really like some kind of monitor or electronic tester...
  3. J

    Water too warm. Inaccurate thermometer?

    Background: I just purchased this 5.5 gallon tank kit and began cycling today. I've used quick start, stress coat, and a bit of fish flakes. The filter, heater, and thermometer are installed, but only the filter is plugged in for now. I rinsed and added black sand, and the tank is filled...
  4. Jan Cavalieri

    My thermometer fried my fish (and probably a snail)

    These poor Zebra danio's (only 2 left now) have been to hell and back. About a week ago one of my danios was being severely bullied by another one - and was literally starving to death (no idea why the stupid fish didn't eat the extra's that fell to the bottom floor like all my other species...
  5. Tyler_Fishman

    Trouble reading thermometer

    Hi, I've had this thermometer for s long while but I'm confused if my tempature is at 75 or 80 degrees. Thanks
  6. TallTree01

    Aquatopia Betta Mini Thermometer

    Aquatopia Betta Mini Thermometer   Summary Built for betta bowls ( yuck! ) and small aquariums. This is a decent sized, cheap and easy thermometer. Does everything I want it to do.     How long have you owned this product? As of the 27th August 2013 Ease of Use (if a product)   Easy to use...
  7. Liv15

    My Gourami Keeps Attacking The Thermometer!

    I have 2 male dwarf gouramis and one/both of them (not sure if its one of them or both - they look the same!) keeps hitting the thermometer in the tank which then hits against the glass making a loudish click noise. He does this now and then. I've heard 2 other people say their gourami has...
  8. M

    An Accurate Thermometer?

    Basicly, I have a tank in my room, which happens to be the hottest room in the house... My heater is on 25-26 but the thermometer sticker seems to be on 30 alot... Maybee it's just the hot weather? Or should I get another thermometer? Any recommendations?
  9. khial

    Heater/thermometer Problem?

    Hi, right... this is going to be one of the dumbest things ive asked but here goes..... my heater is set at 26°c but my thermometer has been slowly going up and now reads 30°c (heater still at 26°c) will i be right in thinking, get a new thermometer? (its one of the little glass...