tank cycling

  1. Jan Cavalieri

    What is going on with this tank

    It's Jan again - long story ahead, I know you love it: I recently purchased a new tank to break up a group of peaceful and aggressive Gourami's as well as most likely purchase a few new fish. So purchased a new 29 gal glass tank. It has a lovely heater I've been keeping at about 78 degrees, a...
  2. Jan Cavalieri

    UPDATE: Serious Ammonia Problems cont.,

    I re-read over 4 pages of posts on my last thread and thought I would try to update everybody so they can see where I stand now (It's not all good) MY PLAN THIS WEEK: Fill 7, 5 gallon buckets with water today with the evil Python, allow them to air out before doing a 100% teardown and refill of...
  3. Jan Cavalieri

    BIG problem with Ammonia

    Not so long ago I had PERFECT water in all my tanks, zero's on everything and PH was right at 7 -it was all wonderful. Then I got very sick for two weeks and was unable to do weekly water changes. As I recovered I tested the waters and found that EVERY tank had a huge ammonia increase. Started...
  4. M

    Is my tank cycled?

    I’m new to getting tropical fish so have began with a 22l cube tank with filter, heater etc. I put this together one week ago, adding water conditioner etc. I had to add a small platy since had no where else to go, 24hr later I added a dose of tetra safestart which I have read good things about...
  5. N

    Help!!! Ammonia stuck at 2-4ppm

    Hi there, Im really puzzled with my first attempt at fishless cycling using ammonia. My two 5 gallons I successfully did a fish-in and had them cycled in about 3 weeks. Starting my new 10 gallon isn't going so well. Here's some helpful info on tank setup: First 2 days I had the tank filter...
  6. jessithebuckeye

    Freshwater Cloudy Water/water Change Advice Needed!

    Hello! (Main question in bold if you don't want to read the whole back story!)     A quick back story, I purchased a Gold Dust Molly from Petco after my Betta passed away because they said it would be okay in a 2.5 gal filtered tank. (THANKS A LOT, PETCO!) Anyways, one day later she had 14 fry...