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  1. GothFishKeeper

    Need advice for breeding setup

    So my current setup is a 20G tank with live plants including hornwort wrapped around some spider wood as a “tree” to provide cover for my molly fry. The issue is that I have 11 full size fish in my tank, and I already have 20+ fry from one of my mollies giving birth. On top of that I have two...
  2. M

    Bettas and Guppies Help

    Update- Following two very helpful and informative responses, a new and much bigger 150litre tank has been ordered so everyone will be having an upgrade to a tank over double the size of their existing tanks. The bigger the better! I have enough supplies to set up a temporary 60ltr accommodation...
  3. T

    Axelotle in container

    I went to an exotic reptile and amphibian shop. I saw some axelotles in Tupperware containers with some air holes in them. Is this normal for pet stores to keep axelotles like this? There was almost no room for movement and smelled absolutely terrible. Just wandering if this is reasonable...
  4. F

    42 gallon stock help / zebra loach advice

    I’d like help stocking my tank as I’ve heard mixed things online and in pet stores about zebra loaches and a healthy bioload for my tank. I have a 160L / 42 US gallon tank measuring 100cm in length, 50cm high and 40cm wide with plants and driftwood. I have about 20 male guppies in with one...
  5. D

    Tank Capacity?

    Hi All, I'm thinking of getting the aquastyle 620 tank dimensions are 62cm W x 52cm H x 39cm D. It says the capacity is 90L but when I put it in to Aq advisor it says it's 120L and I'm mega confused. Would this stocking work? My tap water GH is 1-2 and PH is 7.56 - 8.01 2 Dwarf Gourami 6...
  6. B

    Is this too many fish?

    Hi guys, kinda new to the hobby. was wondering if the fish I have is too many for my 36” long aquarium tank 36x12x16 fish: 1 betta 9 harlequin rasboras 4 danio glowlight 5 danio tinwini I have two random fish I think they are micro tiger rasbora that came in the mix when I got the...
  7. S

    Size question - silly one really..

    Hey all. I'm about to buy a larger tanka nd choices are. 240l or 182l... I dont have a budget or space issue.. But just wondering if there's a consensus on preferred size of tank that experienced keepers stick to. I have only 3 small angels some shrimp and 2 dwarf gourami...and a few tetras...
  8. B

    How many fish should I keep in my tank? Advice please! :)

    Hi, I have a new (ish) tank. It is established and I have gradually introduced new fish over the last few months, and also lost a couple on the way :( I'm now not sure whether to leave it as it is, or get a few more.. I have the Aqua Nano 55L tank and current fish are: 5 x neon tetras, 3 x...
  9. V

    Too many male swordtails?

    Hi everyone, For various reasons, we've ended up with swordtail sex combinations that don't work very well with our tank combination... We have four young, but mature swordtails in a 60L tank, two females and two males. One of the males pesters the other, so he hides all the time. In our...