1. ghettofarmulous

    Black Sand Suitable For Cory's

    Hey guys,   I am looking for advice on type of Black sand that others are using for cory tanks. I have read up on black Diamond sand but this seems to be available in the US and not UK. I live in scotland and have used play sand with great sucess but i want to change to a black sand that is cory...
  2. A

    Newbie With Substrate Questions

    I am starting a new tank, 50 gallons and before I set it up I was wanting to know what kind of substrate I should start with.  My goal is to have a fairly natural looking freshwater tank with plants and fish.  I'd also like to have a few invertebrates if possible such as snails.  What kind of...
  3. Nightfall

    What Substrates Do Your Betta Prefer?

    I'm planning a second, larger tank upgrade and I'm wondering what substrate you guys use. So far the suggestions I've had (or things I've used myself) are: pond pebbles large, smooth gravel (over 4mm) small gravel (>3mm) sand I have a little 3g tank that is massively overplanted for its size...
  4. T

    Cleaning Gravel Help

    I have had my tank running for about 6 weeks now and done water changes weekly. I am new to this and would like some advice please. I have not cleaned my gravel as i was told the filter will sort out the fish waste. However i am unsure if i am to clean up the mess within the gravel. If i am has...