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  1. Aynia

    Planted Tank Advice?

    So as we're dealing with our 38gal, we're looking to get a second tank, possibly 65gal. We're kind of tired of gravel and want to switch to a planted tank with a sandy bottom. Right now the only plants we have in the 38gal gravel tank is two anubias plants and some moss balls. Other than that we...
  2. GobyMaster11276

    Sand as a substrate

    Hi all, I’m planning a new setup at the moment and want to use sand as the substrate. For anyone who has used it: how do you keep it clean (especially in planted areas)? Where did you get it from (I’ve been recommended play and pool filter sand)? And how did you go about cleaning it before use...
  3. S

    Gravel substrate? Required and if so how much?

    Hi all, Although I've been keeping tropical fish for a number of years (with varying degrees of success!), I have a question that I've never asked for help with and I realise that I don't really understand this topic so would appreciate any advice, answers, opinions and such. I have a 45l tank...
  4. R

    Sand in Freshwater Aquariums??

    Hey! So I’m in the process of setting up my first tropical tank in probably 5 years and want sand as my substrate. I can only find two types of sand in my area: aragonite and builders sand. I’ve heard that aragonite sand causes the pH and calcium levels to go a bit nuts and that builders...
  5. G

    Is this plant substrate legit?

    Found this nutrient soil at a really cheap prize but can't find any info on it online. Anyone knows if this is legit? I don't expect it to be as good as the more expensive brands, but if it's better than nothing.. I'm planning on placing it beneath the sand. This is what it says in the...
  6. A

    How to clean substrate in planted aquariums?

    Hi, I've recently brought a 40 litre, already planted fish tank off gumtree (Australian buy and sell website, kinda like eBay only more local). It is a very heavily planted fish tank, that has 5 guppies (all male) and 1 fry (also a guppy) and is also infested with tiny snails (yikes I know, but...
  7. Cameronb_01

    Emptying/Refilling 450L Tank + 100% Substrate Swap Crisis

    Hi Guys, Two days ago, (almost exactly three years into the lifetime of my planted discus tank), I finally resolved to get rid of my horribly coloured and tacky, (as well as completely waste saturated), substrate and replace it with some new quality stuff which I'd had my eye on for quite a...
  8. BettaEm19

    Preferred substrate for Goldfish?

    Hello, in a few months I am receiving a 38 gallon tank for my two baby goldfish and I was wondering what kind of substrate is best for them. Right now I'm using gravel, but I've seen so many people use sand. Is sand better than gravel? Do you have a preference? I want to make sure this tank...
  9. R

    What size tank should I keep an African dwarf frog?

    Hey guys I have a 3.5 gallon tank right now and I saw some African dwarf frogs at the store the other day and I thought they looked so cool! I haven't bought one, but I would like to. I've kept freshwater invertebrates before, so I have a little experience, just not with african dwarf frogs...
  10. Cameronb_01

    Substrate Change

    Hi Guys, I have been keeping Discus, (9 of them), in my 450L planted tank now for just over 6 months and it has been going great. However, in order to achieve the look I envisaged for the tank I have my heart set on completely swapping my current gravel substrate for "Amazonia". How should I go...
  11. jasiep89

    how many bags of gravel to make a 3" substrate for fluval roma 240

    Hi i am buying a fluval roma 240 aquarium does anybody know roughly how many bags of gravel it will take to make a 3 inch deep substrate its the first time i will have owned a 4 foot aquarium always had 2 foot largest being a juwel rio 125 which was 31 inches
  12. thrujenseyes

    do they roots need to be above substrate?

    I just bought two new plants from PetSmart in those "pest free" containers since they seem to be the cleanest around here. 1. Narrow Leaf Java Fern and 2. Anubis Congensis As I'm reading right now it seems that both need to be attached to rocks/wood? I knew the regular Anubis (larger that I...
  13. L

    Which substrate?

    Hi I'm slowly but surely buying up everything i need for upgrading my 90 litre freshwater tank. I've spent a couple of hundred so far and have just totalled up everything left on my list and need another £450. I've therefore decided to look into what savings can be made and I think one of the...
  14. Cameronb_01

    Fuzzy Algae Identification And Treatment

    Hi Guys,   The stuff attached in the picture has been growing in my planted discus tank. What is it? And how do I treat it?   Best wishes,   Cameron
  15. Cameronb_01

    Planted Discus Tank Emergency

    Hi Guys,   So basically I have been impatient and made a mistake. 4 weeks ago I filled my empty tank with RO water and rasied the Kh to 4 and then began the cycling process. My tank is fully cycled and ready for fish as of yesterday, (I tested the Nitrate, Nitrite and Ammonia levels). And so I...
  16. cooledwhip

    Rebuilding My Tank.. New Substrate... :(

    Hey everyone. I have had my 20 gallon long for about 4 months now. It was really the first tank I started with and nothing was changed within the 4 months. It was the first tank I cycled and everything. I just kept adding more plants and stuff to what it is today. I have had lots of problems...
  17. K

    Help With Plant Substrate Suitable For Cory

    Hi all, First post here, all the way from New Zealand   I am thinking of swapping out my current sand substrate for Caribsea Eco-Complete to help out my plants after reading many good reviews. Even with root tabs and liquid fertiliser they just aren't developing well in the sand and their root...
  18. cooledwhip

    My Beginner Planted Tank Is Very Murky And Poopy

    Hello everyone I am new to these forums and I had some questions about my tank..   I have had tanks on and off my childhood but they never lasted long, now I am older (16) I can apprechiate these tanks. I recently bought a 20 gal and want a really heavy planted aquarium with some water grass and...
  19. tetraodon_biocellatus

    Does Anyone Have Experience Switching Sand Substrates?

    I currently have a 55 gallon that I need to seriously revaluate. It has horrible large pebble-blacksand mixed substrate currently and I am going to switch it with pool filter sand. (or PFS if youre trendy). I know I will likely have to move my cichlids into a holding container which I can do...
  20. RyanTheFishGuy64

    Sand Substrate

    Hey quick question! I was wondering if I could put sand from Home Depot in an aquarium? Thanks!