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  1. Tropical_Dave

    Best Choice For Substrate?

    hi everyone :) im going to be starting a planted tank soon, got pretty much everything sorted or what i havent got i know what im going to get, apart from the substrate. i would like to know what other people rate as the best choice to give the plants everything they need and also not being too...
  2. ashcole1989

    How Much Gravel In My Tank?

    So I'm fairly new to tropical fish keeping and have many questions! I've been doing plenty of research but my latest question sits at; How much gravel do I need for my tank? It's 80cm x 30cm and I'm hoping to have 3cm-5cm of quite small gravel. I've been looking at possibly around 15kg if...
  3. Kabernick30

    Substrate Question

    I'm setting up a new tank and i am curious as to which substrates are best for planted tanks? Im leaning towards sand because its good for bottom feeders and looks nice however im not sure where to buy it from because my lfs doesnt sell aquarium specific sand, or whether just strictly sand...
  4. Doomchibi

    Plants In A Brackish Tank With Aragonite Sand?

    In short, my question is what plants could I keep in a brackish tank (with a salinity level of 1.008 sg) with aragonite sand and a fish that digs? What about plants that red-claw crabs can't destroy? Semi-aquatic plants?   More details...   I currently have a 6.5" or so Violet Goby (Dragon Goby)...
  5. S

    Going Dirt - Tips And Tricks For A First Timer?

    Time to kick things off, now I've got plenty of free time I want to convert my Juwel Rio240 into a dirted tank. I'll be using Organic Miracle Gro potting mix.   - First Question is it necessary to have much capping, ex if I used 4 inches of dirt do I have to have 4 inches of gravel capping it or...
  6. sharkydog

    Java Moss

    I am thinking of creating a landscape-look for my tank and was wondering if java moss can grow on/in sand? I have seen that Java moss is often used to create a 'grass' type look and it seems like it doesn't need much to thrive. I've read that a few people buried their java moss partway into the...
  7. damanax

    First Time Setting Up A Planted Tank

    I'm looking to set up my first planted tank. The dimensions are  60 (w) x 30 (d) x 30 (h) and it is a 54l tank. I planning on eventually having a betta and some corys in it. I know all about cycling, I already have an established 65l tank but it's got plastic plants. I have a couple of questions...
  8. sharkydog

    Types Of Sand, Cleaning Sand, And Filters

    Okay so I just set up my ten gallon tank, which came with an internal power filter (the tank I bought was the petco 'grreat choice'). I read that it may be bad to use an internal filter if I have sand? Also, sand is incredibly expensive at pet stores, and was hoping that I could just buy play...
  9. rpgmomma8404

    Best Substrate For A Planted Tank?

    I am wanting to switch from gravel to sand but I realized that if I wanted to add plants I'll probably need a substrate made for plants. Would sand alone be okay or would I need a substrate made for planted tanks? 
  10. Megalodon

    Most Likely A Stupid Question (Sand)

    i want to use sand for my aquarium that  i will be setting up hopefully soon. is there a difference between sand for salt water and freshwater? is there a difference between sand and substrate? if there is,should you use substrate first with sand on top? (im using live plants)
  11. D

    Need Help With Setting Up 15Gal Tank With Liveplants

    Hi friends,  First of all, I am new to the fish world.  I have read about the nitrogen cycle. I need help with setting up an aquarium with live plants. I currently have a 15gal tank (2ft-1ft-1ft) with an Internal filter with 140G/h filter capacity.  I need help with the kind of substrate to...
  12. Sickbound

    What Is The Best Way To Keep A Sand Substrate Clean?

    I'm getting a 30 gallon aquarium for my corydoras and I'd like to make the entire substrate sand instead of just a portion of the tank (like my 15 gallon).  I wanted to know what the best way to keep the substrate clean is. I have a gravel vacuum but I don't think that it would work so well with...
  13. M

    New To Plants, Advice Wanted... (Many Questions)

    Hi guys, I'm still a fish noob however, I'm really into fish keeping now, and I want to advance myself into live plants, sorry but I have quite a few questions... This is what iv ordered...
  14. S

    Planted Nano - Substrate Requirements? - Australian Sources?

    Here we go, I'm thinking of setting up a planted nano tank approx 30L   - One betta will reside in this tank with maybe a couple of bristlenose plecos or shrimp if I can manage to source some decent species.   - I'm curious as to what kind of substrate I should use and where is it located.   -...
  15. T

    Aqua One Nano 30 Mark Two

    At the invitation of Shrimp Addict I have started my second thread. After a good 1st year of fish and shrimp keeping in an 80cm tank I went for one of these as that's all I have room and also frankly funds for, justifiable and otherwise. I planned design well in advance, but after advice in shop...
  16. ReddSamurai

    What To Use?

    right im moving soon so while i have the chance i want to get some plant fertilizer or soil and then cap it with the gravel and sand i have for both tanks. what plant fertilizer substrate or soil would you recommend?   ive had a look at tetraplant, eco complete, fluval stratum etc etc, and i...
  17. RCA

    Unipac Gravel And Sand, Which Do You Own?

    I use the Unipac Tana (recommended) and more latterly the Sengal, my preferred.  I have just bought some Limpopo for a new project, but am considering whether to switch it to one of the sands?  Therefore, I am interested in what other people own and what fish they keep in their tanks with these...
  18. ghettofarmulous

    Black Sand Suitable For Cory's

    Hey guys,   I am looking for advice on type of Black sand that others are using for cory tanks. I have read up on black Diamond sand but this seems to be available in the US and not UK. I live in scotland and have used play sand with great sucess but i want to change to a black sand that is cory...
  19. A

    Newbie With Substrate Questions

    I am starting a new tank, 50 gallons and before I set it up I was wanting to know what kind of substrate I should start with.  My goal is to have a fairly natural looking freshwater tank with plants and fish.  I'd also like to have a few invertebrates if possible such as snails.  What kind of...
  20. Nightfall

    What Substrates Do Your Betta Prefer?

    I'm planning a second, larger tank upgrade and I'm wondering what substrate you guys use. So far the suggestions I've had (or things I've used myself) are: pond pebbles large, smooth gravel (over 4mm) small gravel (>3mm) sand I have a little 3g tank that is massively overplanted for its size...