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  1. V

    I miss having bottom dwellers

    I want something that'll occupy the bottom. I'm interested in shrimp since they barely have any bio load, but I've also heard they're sensitive. I have livebearers, so if they would eat them, I'd have to get Amano shrimp, which I'm not really interested in since they're not as colorful as other...
  2. V

    Centerpiece fish for 20 gallon?

    For those of you that have read my other posts, I am not getting any more fish any time soon until I solve the situation with my current tank. This question is for the future down the line when I no longer face life threatening issues with fish. However, I will list all my current stocking with...
  3. Killerbro511

    Kuhli loaches with shrimp?

    Hi, ive currently got a 22g stocked with like 10 ember tetras, a peacefull betta (ive never seen him chase or hurt anything), and a bunch of red cherry shrimp. however i feel like it could do with a peacefull bottom dweller and i was thinking of like 4 kuhli loaches as ive had them before and...
  4. D

    20G High Questions/Ideas/Suggestions

    Hello All! I have tried to find some good forums for getting back into the hobby but none seem to be very active or as engaging as this one. I've run quite a few successful tanks in the past but havent done so in a while. I set-up a 20 gallon high, planted tank. Theres about 8 different plants...
  5. connorlindeman

    Stocking Ideas?

    Any ideas of what to stock a 20-gallon tank with? Heres me thoughts: The Eye Catcher: 1 pair of Dwarf Pufferfish The Swarm: 8-12 Rasboras Additional stocking: 10-15 ramhorn snails or cherry shrimp
  6. P

    Stocking Help Cycled 20g tall/standard

    I have a cycled 20 gallon tall/standard tank with 7 leopard danios, 4 corydoras aeneus, 1 bolivian ram and 2 amano shrimp. I was thinking of adding some other fish, maybe a bristlenose pleco or some guppies. The tank has been up and running with this stock for about 2 weeks and has an aquaclear...
  7. Filip

    20 Gallon single cichlid community stocking ideas?

    Hello! I am fairly new to fishkeeping, only a few years (so nota complete beginner), and I want to take up a really nice centerpiece fish for my 20 Gallon high that I'm going to be setting up soon. I was thinking a Kribensis, since it is small, pretty chill, and doesn't cost much. I was thinking...
  8. Cluelessone

    Stocking 20 Gallon tank. HELP!

    I have a cycled 20gal tank (600x 320 x 400 I made the mistake of trying to give my Betta (Sushi) some friends... he didn’t play nice to say the least. He now has his own 5 gallon set up and is very happy. I have 2 Albino Cory’s - one with no eyes (Stevie Wonder) and one has 1 eye (Mike...