1. K

    Fungus? And is Maracyn safe for Loaches and Snails?

    Hi, I have a 40 gallon freshwater tank with mollies, 3 dwarf gourami, mystery snails, cories, and a few kuhli loaches. I JUST transferred my gourami a few days ago after quarantining them as they're new. However I noticed that 2 of them have a bit of fungus (one on their tail fin and the other...
  2. L

    Algae problems, shrimp or snail or Cory catfish?

    I have a 56 litre tank. Within my tank I have 3 Electric Blue Rams,2 zebra danios, and 4 Serpae Tetras and one sparkling gourami. My tank has never had an over growth of algae it’s more on the hides and decorative pieces. They get a weird brown algae as well as my anubias barteri...
  3. S

    Help With Names!

    This is going to one of my more fun posts! I need help with finding names for my soon to be 5 guppys and 1 snail! I'm thinking of group names from TV shows, movies, books, etc. I will post a poll with some of my ideas and please vote for your favorite option! (There will be an option labeled...
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    Snails shells dissolving

    My nerite snails shells have been slowly been getting eaten away by my water. I have well water that comes in for my use and the fish tank is planted. I had been feeding them snailoo and I have a cuttlefish bone in the tank. I was wondering if this is enough to promote the regrowth of their...
  5. B

    Eggs on bogwood?

    Hi everyone, I'm starting my first ever tropical fish tank. Andin our current quarantine situation I'm limited to what I can order online. I ordered this piece of bogwood with java fern already attached to it. But it seems to be COVERED in these white spots which I can only assume are eggs...