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  1. W

    Pale Serpae Tetra Not Eating?

    Hey, so one of my eight serpae tetras has looked a little more pale and ragged than the rest of my serpaes for a while now, and I noticed today that it was going after the food aggressively but would spit it out immediately after trying to eat it. I used the flake food that I give to my serpaes...
  2. W

    White Spots On Serpae Tetras

    My Serpae (or red minor tetras) seem to have white spots on them but each only seems to have one on their mouth or near there. Could someone identify if it is a disease or if it needs to be treated at all?  Tank size: 55 gallons pH: 7.0 ammonia: 0 nitrite: 0 nitrate: 0 tank temp: 74 Degrees...
  3. S

    Fin Nipped Tetra And Nippy Guppy

    So last night I spent hours moving my fish and setting up a new 75l (20gal) aquarium which was an upgrade of a 34l (<10gal) one. One of my Serpae tetras has been severely fin nipped and has difficulty swimming around. I was wondering if I was able to put just that one tetra into a small qt tank...
  4. Kabernick30

    What To Get?

    I have a 26 gallon planted tank with 5 serpae tetras and a bolivian ram Im thinking of maybe adding a school of cory catfish but im wondering what else might go good with the fish i currently have?
  5. davidjp1982

    White Lips On Serpae Tetras

    Can anyone please help identify what is wrong with my Serpaes. I recently picked up a batch of 5 from my LFS. I noticed within a day that 3 of the 5 had what looks like white dead skin on their lips. They seem perfectly happy and show no sympotms other than thir white lips. Water paramaters are...
  6. I

    Tetra With Carbon Dioxide Poisoning...

    Hi everyone; We got some fish from a friend today who is shutting down his tank. Two of the Serpae Tetras have the signs of carbon dioxide poisoning. They are both relatively minor cases and I will keep a close I out to see if the situation gets better or worse. I know he was really good at...