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  1. Izzy_guppy_303


    Hello it’s me again, my fish are now pooping pretty normal, however I did a cleaning of the tank I think I did too much of a water change and gravel clean. I added dechlorinator though. However I think I overfed them. Now they r staying at the top all of the together. Maybe they r in shock. They...
  2. onefieshcedrick

    Betta is Scared Of Me After a Whole Year

    So I've had my betta for a little less than a year, and a few months after I got him he warmed up to me significantly- he would follow my finger around his tank and I've been doing my best to take care of him. But lately, he's been acting scared of my finger. I'll hold up a finger to the tank...
  3. K

    Betta Fish Emergency!

    Please help! I’m literally freaking out right now. My betta fish is constipated. He has a long black fece hanging from his body. I tried to leave him alone overnight to see it’ll help but this morning he’s laying on his side and not moving! I’m putting him in an epsom salt bath right now but idk...
  4. RyanTheFishGuy64

    Tank Aerator?

    Hey Guys!   So this is my first post so ill tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Ryan, im 13 and I am an aquarium enthusiast!  A couple of years ago I had a 30g livebearer tank and it went downhill from my lack of knowledge on cycling and just immature keeping in general. So I now have...
  5. mrstwalker

    Worried About Betta

    So yesterday my obsession got the best of me and I got a beautiful veil tail lavender betta for a deal i couldnt pass up.. $1.45 at the LPS,   anyway.. I put my new buddy (Mystic) in a 1 gal tank and he has been VERY VERY shy (compared to my crowntail betta who is the same size tank) he just...
  6. W

    Scared Lil Fishies

    Hi all   I am new to owning fishes but I've googled and asked many people before actually getting one set up. I have two fish.. One is an angelfish and the other is a small red tail shark.  They are both scared and always hiding and while I understand they may be scared, I am just worried that...
  7. RamboFish

    Platy Scared Of Rainbows?

    I've had Platys for about a year, and yesterday I decided to cut my numbers down from 15 (mixed) to just 5 favourite females. I did this in order to add some rainbows and also a few blue shiners to my tank.    4 of the females seem to be ok, but one, my favourite, seems to be hiding at the back...
  8. M

    Platy Started Hiding And Seems Terrified Of Everything

    I've got a +200 litre tropical community tank with the following species: Platys, Balloon Mollies, Corydoras, Guppy. All get along fine. Water parameters are all fine. Have the tank for about 5 months - so still relatively new at this.   Have 1 female platy for about 4 months. She's given birth...