scale issue

  1. wfykitty

    My betta is sick! Please see if anyone could give some suggestions

    My betta is like 1-2 years old, male, in a 10 gallons tank. He has been with us for almost a year. Water ph and temperature are normal. In the past 2-3 weeks, the body of the betta started to bulge, like 2 parts as marked in the image. He eats as normal, and everything else looks normal, except...
  2. primsloaches16

    Please help!! What do i do with my Female Injured Cherry Barb?!

    Hey yall! Havent posted in awhile, mostly everything has been going great except for the thing I noticed today. I moved my cherry barb school (12 barbs, 9 females, 3 males) to the 20 gallon tall, solo. They're the only fish in there. Today we had a power outage, so their filter wasnt working for...
  3. A

    New-ish Betta losing scales on face -- any thoughts?

    Hi. I got a delta tail male betta fish 40 days ago and have noticed that he is loosing color and some scales in the face. His body appears to be fine and his behavior is normal --he's very active and has a great appetite. He is the sole fish in a 13 gallon, well-cycled tank along with with 1...
  4. T

    Potential Fungus on Dwarf Gourami?

    Last night I noticed a small white spot on my dwarf flame gourami. I had recently had a flagfish in the tank for about a day and he had ended up nipping the fins of my other fish, so I removed him immediately. My first thought was that perhaps the slight fin damage compromised my gourami's...
  5. P

    I'm not sure anymore. 75 gallon tank.

    I used seachem stability to restart the tank. After about 6 or so months I got the dreaded blue/green algea aka cyanobacteria. I removed as much as possible then treated with erythromycin. Didnt lose that many fish tbh. Anyway so I'm back on track and my plants look like crap to say the least...
  6. B

    Green coating on scales - help with guppies

    Hi! I have two guppies that seem to have what looks like green algae growing on their scales. One is acting normally, while one is sort of lethargic, hanging up in the corner. A third guppy has no green film, but doesn't seem to be swimming well. Just seems weakened. We'd been having a lot of...