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  1. rebe

    Which bottom dwellers can work well together?

    I'm still brainstorming bottom dwellers for my 280L, and I think it would be cool to have a few species at the bottom. I already have my juvenile bolivian ram cichlid in QT. I am looking for fish that are peaceful and won't eat my hengels rasboras (about an inch in size). While I like the idea...
  2. Casper23


    Hi everyone! My name is Cassi, I am a stay at home mom and I am fairly new to this hobby, having only started this a few months ago. I did do LOTS of research before diving into this hobby and I’m still learning which I love! I have a current set up of a 29 gallon Topfin tank. HOB filter and...
  3. Annemarie

    29 Gallon stocking

    I know I’ve done a few of these regarding fish that would be okay but I’ve finally decided what I really want. I was thinking... 1: Pearl gourami 1: electric blue ram 3: Albino cherry barb 3: Cherry barb 5: Kuhli Loaches 4-5: Emperor tetras 4-5: neon tetras 1: Diamond Head Neon Tetra I...
  4. AnnAlfie

    Is sand good for Goldfish or not?

    I have recently discovered black sand (on this forum) and I would like to change the coral chips in my cold water tank to black sand. The colours would be amazing. However after researching the internet I have been hit with conflicting information. Some say it's good for Goldfish and some say it...
  5. T

    Converting to sand; worried about filter clogs

    I have a HOB filter in my 10 gallon tank, and the intake sits rather low (even without the extension pipe). I want to convert from gravel to sand. I have owned tanks with sand in the past, but I guess I had good luck in terms of clogging and HOB breakdowns from sand. Long story short, I am...
  6. ellosunshinee

    Setting Up A New 55 Gal..need Advice

    Hey everyone. I am new to the community. Hello! I currently have a 10 gallon aquarium. I acquired this aquarium from my parents who did not take care of the tank at all. They really knew nothing about fish it seems. They had one of each species. I tried to rid this tank of problems but I am not...