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  1. Nells250

    Can an old air pump make water DIRTIER?

    HI folks, first post! I am new at fish-keeping (unless you count the goldfish we had when I was in elementary school). I have two betta fish, an adult female and a juvenile that is SUPPOSED to be a male but we now think is female. Both are in their own smallish unfiltered tanks, due to a lack...
  2. PygmyMitch

    What is this slime ?

    What actually is this slime that has built up on the pump tube. It only builds up on the tube and no where else really.
  3. S

    Siphon / Syphon Pump

    Hi all, Looking for a little advice as to whether this pump would be OK to use in my freshwater tropical set up? https://www.screwfix.com/p/hilka-pro-craft-multi-purpose-siphon-pump-kit/580hp I know it will do the trick but I'm a little concerned about any chemical pollution of my tank water. Mark
  4. S

    Pump doesn’t reach bottom of tank

    Hi all, I am installing a new pump into my tank, but the tube isn’t long enough meaning my pump isn’t suctioned onto the base of the tank. Is this an issue?
  5. T

    Juwel Rio125 - Pump removal

    Hi, my parents got a Juwel Rio 125 about 2 months ago, but I do all the maintenance and cleaning, I found that they recommend cleaning the pump once a month but I cant figure out how to remove it from the casing. I saw a video of a guy and it appears he just lifted it out using the plastic tab...
  6. Irksome

    What is a submersible pump and how do I use it

    Hi, I may be acquiring another tank, a used 110ltr aquatlantis. It will have a new submersible easyflux600 pump but doesn’t come with a filter. I have only used power filters and air driven sponge filters. What sort of filters can a water pump drive? How is it used and Is there anything that...
  7. NanaWells

    Buzzing Filter pump

    hello I just put up my new 15g tank it’s a Fluval Flex 15 the filter pump has quite a loud buzz to it how can I stop the buzz if I can hear it can’t my Betta hear it even more ?
  8. B

    Replacement powerhead for an aquastyle 380

    Hi, I recently picked up a sweet little 2nd hand aquastyle 380 tank. It has a top filter but the powerhead is missing and i don't want to use an internal filter. A replacement genuine aquaone powerhead will set me back at least AU$35 so I was wondering whether there are any aftermarket products...
  9. V

    Prevent fry from getting caught in filter

    We've had a fry get caught in the filter pump in our breeding tak today. Is there something I can cover it with to keep them getting in there? Or a pump unit especially for a breeding tank? TIA
  10. F

    Fluval Flex pump help!!

    Hi! I'm new to tge forum and in need of help, so thought it best to ask here since there is far more knowledhe here than mine! So i have a fluval flex 57 litre (15g) and i was trying to open the front of the pump to clean the filter foam. I couldn't get tge tube off so i tried with it still on...
  11. Dandx13

    Faster/easier Water Changes

    Hey everyone, I was just browsing through home depot when i found a product that actually makes my life easier. It was strenuous on my back to constantly be loading buckets of treated water into my 125 gallon tank. This electric syphon is only about $15 and just wanted to share this with anyone...
  12. Maehlice

    What Is The Best Water Pump?

    In your opinion and experience, what is the best water pump on the market?   Since this is an almost entirely subjective question, please explain your answer. Price Energy efficiency Reliability Noise Size Features Other   I currently have a Supreme Classic Mag Drive Model 5 (500 GPH).  It's a...
  13. TallTree01

    Hydor Koralia 900 Nano Review

    Hydor Koralia Nano 900   Summary   A cute little Pump from the koralia range. Pumping out 900 liters an hour this is a good piece of kit. Comes with a strong magnet instead of suction caps which I love.   How long have you owned this product? I've had this since the 27th August 2013. It was...