puffer fish

  1. ember04

    pea puffer tank

    What does everyone think about a single pea puffer in a 7 gallon planted tank? do you think it would work? thanks
  2. G

    Pea puffer feeding problem

    I recently got pea puffers and they are tiny, I have been feeding them black worms and this one other food that is very small and orange(frozen) starts with an m I forgot the name. They will only eat the black worms I need some recommendations for food I can give them because I do not know if...
  3. B

    Green spotted pufferfish (tropical) with dark underbelly?

    We purchased some pufferfish yesterday from our local aquatic centre. In terms of selecting the puffer fish we wanted we asked for a dark belly and a white belly.... Only to get home and realise that the dark belly meant he(?) was stressed out. The other puffer has a white belly and has...
  4. Guyb93

    I want it

    By now many know I’m an impulse buyer and can’t help it .. Guy see Guy want it’s a disaster waiting to happen but keep fish keeping interesting lol I want a puffer fish ... only a small one maybe a pea.. reasons ... well it’s a puffer lol My current stock in an established 5ft 500l 8x...
  5. B

    Sick figure 8 puffers ???

    Ive had 2 figure eight puffers for 2 months now. We did a full clean up and water change a week ago due to an algae build up. we didnt change their filters to save the good bacteria in it. their water has stayed pretty clear ever since but they have been acting strange. They sit at the bottom...
  6. M

    Fahaka puffer breathing fast

    Hey giys Hope your all doing well, things are going great with Franklin my fahaka puffer, but noticed today started breathing faster than usual. Water change was done as normal once a week and water parameters are good. I've also noticed when I have my airstone on, there bubbles take ages to...
  7. M

    Fahaka Puffer Help

    Hello new to this page My name i Marc, I have been a hobby of aquarium for the last 9 years. I'm getting my new tank and fahaka puffer next week. Was meant to be getting puffer two weeks later but now it's same day. Want to cycle tank immediately and been told to use Api quick start and Api...
  8. S

    Green Spotted Puffer sick?

    I recently noticed my GSP looking a little weird, I assumed he wasn’t eating and maybe it was that. However, he eats and eats but isn't gaining any weight. His top fin also seems to look like it isn’t working anymore? Sometimes he swims sideways, or just lays at the bottom at the take. He is...
  9. B

    Pea puffer with white fin

    I got a group of 3 pea puffers today from a store that’s pretty far from where I live because they were doing a deal 3 for 10$. After I got the fish home and put them in a tank I realized one of them has a pectoral fin that is entirely white. I think it’s fin rot but I’m not sure. Have any of...
  10. S

    Topaz puffer. ..am new

    Hi think my puffer is amazing called her juicy, I asked loads of questions before buying her. He told me no point putting planets rocks or other fish in with her And feed her bloodworm, crab. My problem is I read up on her and it say to put rock and fake planets in has they like to hunt. I live...
  11. B

    Help to ID fish in Pacific Ocean - China

    Currently in china at vacation. Was walking around in a saltwaterpool with reefs in it when i stumbled upon a fish that looked really like a blue spotted puffer fish. The thing is that it had snail like feelers. Anyone know what fish this is?
  12. F

    Where to buy a MBU puffer in the UK

    sorry but i'm struggling to find shops online that do it, if any users here are from the uk and own 1, and by 1 i mean i want a baby 1 can u tell me a retailer. i know they are rare on the market as they are captured in a war torn country, america seems to get hold of them, and the uk is closer...
  13. G

    Dwarf Puffer Help.

    I recently got a dwarf puffer two days ago. I have tried to feed him defrosted bloodworms, but he just watches them float by. I was going to try to feed him some snails, but I don't really know what to buy as a feeder snail. I have also noticed that he has been attacking his reflection of the...