pregnant molly

  1. V

    White molly

    Is my white molly pregnant? If it is pregnant what will be the estimated delivery period? Thanks in advance.
  2. Jackee

    Anyone ever squeeze babies from their mama fish??

    So....I know some people have done this but the thought of doing this myself makes me very uncomfortable, as I do not want to cause any pain or discomfort, injury, or God forbid death to the fish. I have a molly who has been pregnant for a very long time, about two weeks ago she began giving...
  3. pjwilford

    Pregnant Molly!

    Beautiful black molly. Brought home not too long ago. How long do you think this mommy-to-be has left until she meets her babes?? Hard to tell on the black mollies. Sorry about the quality of the pic. Maybe I can get a better one...
  4. E

    Male Molly pregnant?

    This molly was bought two or three weeks ago and I chose her because she was a girl. Then after a week or so I looked again and thought I must have been mistaken. I have since read that it is possible for the fish to be a 'late bloomer' or even to change gender. But now she/he looks pregnant or...
  5. M

    Huge Molly

    Hi my White Molly is huge and has been for a while about 5 weeks she looks pregnant but there's no gravid spot also the male keeps pestering her by her anal fin. What I'd like to know is there always a gravid spot
  6. ranish

    Confused With New Balloon Mollies

    Got a couple of mollies but have no idea if they are going to drop fry. They are very confusing because they look big in the first place. Previous owner said that some may be pregnant. Please help. Any help welcome. I have attached some pics as well. Thanks
  7. J

    Help Pregnant Molly

    Hi there. I'm new to having my own tropical fish and got 2 female Molly's. 1 pure black other dalmation. Dalmation 1 has recently got fatter than other, keep hanging around filter and has tiny white thing sticking out near anal fin. Is she pregnant? Thank Jem