1. S

    Bristlenose Plecos

    Hi all, Hopefully an easy one.... I have 2 female Bristlenose plecs in my 4ft tank and was wondering if it would be OK to introduce a male? Kind regards, Mark.
  2. JamieTYV

    What is this on my BN Pleco?

    Hi, So I recently noticed some white cotton-ish growth on my male BN, around his gills - started on only one side and then quickly became evident on the other side too. I immediately took some photos and went to my LFS who suggested its probably a fungus (i suspected this!). I purchased some...
  3. JamieTYV


    Hello! Fingers crossed someone can help... I have a large, established tank with a variety of fish, my parameters have been good and stable for a long time... 6 x peppered corys 1 x Male Betta 6 x Female Bettas 6 x Glass Catfish 1 x Female BN Pleco Recently I introduced a Male BN Pleco in the...
  4. A

    Blue phantom plec

    Hi all, I went to a LFS to get some shrimp and I ended up getting 2 blue phantom plecs as well... broke the golden rule and relied on the knowledge of the workers! Anyway couldn't resist their beauty and they've settled into my tank fine. I was going to buy one and the shopkeep told me they...
  5. L

    Bristle nose plec fish eggs

    I seem to have found some fish eggs, now i think they may be the bristlenose plec eggs as he has been hiding in a house for a while, my other catfish managed to turn the tank upside down, so i was just rearranging the tank back to the way it was and there were eggs on the bottom of the tank near...
  6. Cassiopeia

    Help me lower my ammonia levels

    I am new to fish keeping so bear with me. I was gifted 2 common plecostomus, 5 fruit tetra and a 20 gallon tank. I went to the store and got what I thought was everything to go with. Soon found out this tank is way too small so am in the process of getting a 180 gallon tank. YES, IM SURE. Before...
  7. cooledwhip

    Is My Pleco Sick?

    Hey all. I have had a planted tank (20 gallon long) right now for about a month, it's a planted tank with a 150w fluval heater, quiet pro 20g filter, 1 CO2 diffuser and a co2 atomizer. I got a pleco about a couple weeks ago and for the first couple weeks he has been skiddish, always running from...
  8. PorkWellington

    Orange Seamed Plec Being Molested By Guppies

    Hi Folks....   It started with a pregnant (I believe) guppy paying far too much attention to our orange seamed plec... then swimming off with and sucking in a championship length of poo - a streamer - a couple of inches....   This seems to have encouraged quite a crowd - with the rest of the...
  9. RCA

    Upside Down Bristlenose Plec.

    One of my Bristlenose is lying upside down from time to time. It seemed to start after I put a black and white rock in the aquarium, however this maybe coincidence? I removed the rock during my latest water change last week. Generally he hangs around his man cave, and grazes on Bogwood. He...
  10. Verminator89

    L25 Pseudacanthicus

    Hey all,   Been a long time since i've openly posted on the forum, for various reasons. Anyway...   I've always had this fish on my 'wanted' list, but availability and price were always against me. Well, that hasn't changed but i decided to just roll with it anyway. YOLO and all that, right. So...