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  1. S

    Planted Nano - Substrate Requirements? - Australian Sources?

    Here we go, I'm thinking of setting up a planted nano tank approx 30L   - One betta will reside in this tank with maybe a couple of bristlenose plecos or shrimp if I can manage to source some decent species.   - I'm curious as to what kind of substrate I should use and where is it located.   -...
  2. Robbo89

    25 Gallon Planted Community Journey V2

    Hey all,  Restarting the journal for my community tank as the pictures were absolutely useless lol   As this is my first planted tank, and really first community tank, all advice/criticism/feedback is strongly desired!   Here is the first pic, day 1. (This was about 3 weeks ago)     Needless...
  3. Robbo89

    25 Gallon Planted Community Tank Journal (With Pics)

    Hey all, Going to start a journal for my community tank, starting from day 1 (a very dirty, in poor condition tank) to finished product (hopefully something a bit better than day 1 )   By the end I'd love to have a really cool looking before/after pic, but along the way I'll try to put as many...
  4. LicianDragon

    Not Sure Where To Go From Here

    Sorry for the giant image and bad quality, all I have is the camera on my phone. So this is a 20 gallon planted community tank. I would love for this to look nicer or something but I don't know where to go from here. I'd like to leave the taller plants to the side to allow light to reach the...
  5. Zikofski

    Review Of The New & Old Up Inline Diffuser

    Comparison and Review on the new and old UP Inline Diffuser's   When i entered the world of Injected Co2 i did some research and came across lots of diffusers some internal some external and inline with the filter, now considering i already had an inline heater and wanted to keep equipment...
  6. conrad9900

    420L Planted Co2 Injected Custom Tank!

    build log.... Tank: custom 400l bow front tank Size: 150cm(l)x50cm(w)x60cm(h) Filter: JBL cristalprofi 1500e(1500l/h) Hood: custom hood Light: custom dual light unit Stand: Light Mahogany 150x50x70 Tank floor: JBL manado substrate 25kg/JBL pro flora fertilizer soil 10kg/Fine white sand 25kg...
  7. aaronc

    New Rio 125 Planted Journal

    Hi All   So I am having another go at a planted Rio 125.  I had to teardown my old tank and sell when I moved 3 years ago.   Here is the shopping list, although I have most of it already.   Kit Juwel Rio 125 Juwel internal heater and filter Dual T5 Juwel lighting hood Koralia 900lph 2kg Fire...
  8. B

    Aqua Scape Ideas For My Tank!

    Hiya everyone! I have a 240 gallon Fluval Roma tank with: One Power-Glo Fluorescent Aquarium Tube 40W, T8 One Aqua-Glo Fluorescent Aquarium Tube 40W, T8 A 300W heater Fluval 306 external filter At the moment the tank is up and running as a tropical tank with only fake decorations in it, no...
  9. Maddy

    Diy Lighting With Cfl Bulbs... Opinions?

    Alright so I've seen some people doing their own DIY light fixtures using CFL bulbs for their aquariums. I was thinking I would try this since it's super cheap and I am also cheap so I'm not about to spend a ton of money on lighting. I'm new to all of this so of course I bought tons of...
  10. S

    My First Planted Tank

    Hey all, I've been keeping fish for about a year now and want to tackle my first planted aquarium. You guys have given amazing advice in the past and I would appreciate some tips on what will be my first attempt at a planted tank.   My tank is small in size, roughly 20 - 25 litres.   First of...
  11. LicianDragon

    Organic Material Clouding Up My Tank?

    I have a 20 gallon tropical community planted tank. It's planted with eco-complete substrate. I also add co2 booster from API daily. Ammonia is 0 nitrite is 0, nitrate is about 5ppm. The tank has been set up for about 5 months now but has always had an issue of organic material floating around...
  12. LicianDragon

    Hornwort Keeps Dying?

    I have a 20 gallon planted tank with eco-complete planted aquarium substrate. I have many plants species in the tank including cryptocorne wendtti red, anacharis, banana plant, pennywort, anubias nana, and phoenix moss. The hornwort bunches though keep dying. The plant will be green and...
  13. sputnick

    School Project

    Hey guys! Im currently a senior in high school and for my speech class we have to do a demonstration speech. As soon as our teacher told us this my mind shot strait to doing a tutorial on how to aquascape an aquarium!    So i thought this would be a great oportunity to do my first journal!   As...
  14. VickyChaiTea

    Vickychaitea's Tanks

    Just a spot for progress shots of my taaaaanks. <3   Fluval SPEC   10gal   2gal   2gal   2gal
  15. B

    10L Planted Tank _-'-_-'-_ Algae Issue, Any Ideas? _-'-_-&

    Hey guys.   Ive got a litle 10 litre tank setup for 3 months - added plants (glosso and dwarf hair grass) about 2 weeks ago   Using subs. fertilizer and a litle bit (half the doze) of liquid ferts   DIY co2   Chaeto algae bulb (marine 3X3w Led running same spectrum as topical aqua plant req.) on...
  16. eaglesaquarium

    110 Gallon South American Biotope

    Hello everyone!     I have never done a "journal" about a tank before, but I figured I might as well with this one.   2013-01-23 full tank by eaglesfan54, on Flickr     This tank is a South American biotype tank that a friend and I are pointing together at work.  He and I have been talking...
  17. I

    Want To Start A Dirt Amazon Tank

    So my wife has given me permission to start planning a 75-90 gallon dirt tank. I am vibrating from excitement. This will be our 6th tank but our 1st dirt tank. So I am here looking for three things 1.) How do I start a SUCCESSFUL dirt tank? I do not want a flat bottom, I want at least one hill...
  18. I

    Want To Start A Dirt Amazon Tank

    So my wife has given me permission to start planning a 75-90 gallon dirt tank. I am vibrating from excitement. This will be our 6th tank but our 1st dirt tank. So I am here looking for three things 1.) How do I start a SUCCESSFUL dirt tank? I do not want a flat bottom, I want at least one hill...
  19. C

    Stocking Angelfish

    I am going to start a new 30 gallon tall fresh water mostly planted tank. I'm planning on fishless cycling once i get my soil and plants in. My stocking ideas are 2 Angelfish, 4 Black Neon Tetra, 5 Cherry Barbs, and 3 Dwarf Sucker fish. I chose those tetras because they are bigger than the...
  20. coma

    Coma Aqua

    Aquarium: Juwel Rio 125(81 x 36 x50 cm )+ original black stand Filtration system: JBL Crystal Profi 700 Lighting: Juwel T5 lighting unit 2 x 28w + Juwel reflectors DIY-Electronic Ballast DMR T5 2x24 Substrate system: ADA Power Sand ADA Aqua Soil NEW Amazonia ADA Aqua Soil NEW Amazonia Powder...