parasite removal

  1. Froggieboy

    Parasitic isopods?

    A while ago I got LR in my new 50 gallon. And these parasitic isopods came out of a bristle worm! Now I caught two offspring (yes sadly they multiplied). So maybe some identifaction of which species spefically, some tricks and tips. And oh yeah they can scavenge ass well sadly.
  2. M

    Please help! Dosing General Cure for Suspected Hexamita (to protect living fish)

    Hi All, thanks in advance for the help. I am relatively new to fish keeping (~6 months) and new to this forum (first time registering/posting today). I have a 20 gallon heavily planted tank: 5 Neon Tetras 7 Pristella Tetras 1 Mollie 2 Platy Some context: Until recently I also had 2 Bolivian...
  3. D

    Guppy parasite?

    Hello everyone, I got new guppies a few weeks ago and I went ahead and treated the whole tank with two rounds of API general cure to be safe because in my experience guppies are VERY prone to parasites. I noticed one of my fish becoming more skinny lately and today I noticed white stringy poop...
  4. Jennifer Gonzales


    Help! I have a pretty new guppy tank (Only had it about 1-2 months) And one of my females appears to have camallanus worms :( not sure what to do or if that’s really what I’m working with... I was unable to get a good pic but it is definitely not just poop. I saw her poop and the red...
  5. O

    Possible parasites in aquarium

    Hi all. I have a weirdly specific question. I had my guppies die of parasites so now I only have a mystery snail in my 10 gallon tank. I’ve now acquired a betta but i’m hesitant with what I should do with him in regards to my tank. I’m worried that he could catch parasites if I put him in the...
  6. E

    Help- complicated anchor worm case

    Tank size: 30 litres, just an air pump filter with a spray bar, a full spectrum light for the plants and a water heater. pH: EDIT(7.6) misread it earlier as 6.8 (see below) ammonia: 0.25ppm nitrite: 0ppm nitrate: 5ppm kH: about 60ppm (I use test strips for kH, the value is between 40-80ppm) gH...
  7. B

    Found a worm in my tank...

    So I was doing a water change and saw a little worm on my nerite snail. I’m pretty sure it was a detritus worm, still a little unsure. I’m wondering if garlic or aquarium salt will kill them. I don’t have many options because I have scaleless fish, invertebrates
  8. T

    Treating internal parasites

    I recently got a betta and when I got him there's a white stringy poop hanging in his anus. I'm medicating him using Azoo's Anti Internal parasite, how should I know if the parasites are gone? He's still swimming jerkily and showing stress stripes
  9. Nordk

    Lost A Fish, Restarting Tank

    This morning I discovered my DG had died after about a week of treatment for parasites.    I've decided to take this as an opportunity to start a tank of right (he was the only occupant), though I have 2 questions on how to move on. Number 1, how to clean the tank out. I don't know exactly...