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  1. H

    Pale and inactive Cory catfish

    One of my four Cory catfish has suddenly gone pale and very inactive in the past week and isn’t eating now any help with this would be appreciated. My tank is 54 litres with 5 neon tetras, 1 guppy and 4 Cory catfish. And the tank stats are 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite and 10 nitrate.
  2. RedSarah

    Lethargic Gourami

    Hi all, Two weeks ago, I posted about my Honey Gourami, Cheese, who I suspected had internal parasites. Now he has some new symptoms. He has been pale for about two weeks and had stringy poo, so I fed him food mixed with Seachem Metroplex, Focus and Garlic Guard to avoid medicating the whole...
  3. G

    Fat and pale siamese algae eater

    Can someone tell me what is happening to this fish? It's acting normally but is really fat and pale. The other ones appear a bit fat as well, but not this bad.
  4. Vengified

    Possibly Sterile Female? Wasting Disease? Worms?

    So, I have a female guppy whom appears different than the rest of my females. She has always been blonde, and always appeared slightly different than the rest. But the others purchased with her, and a couple after her, are all visibly pregnant, with a couple about to pop any day now. I was...
  5. M

    Tiger barbs turning white over night

    So I adopted 4 tiger barbs and when I got them they where very stressed and dark but they soon got their color and became happy. But yesterday I I got the brine shrimp and I don't know if that has anything to do with this but when I got up this morning and turned their light on 3 of them where...
  6. FroFro

    Emergency! Sick Pleco!

    Please help! I woke this morning to find my pleco swimming strangely on the bottom not attached to any surfaces like she usually is. She is very pale in color and I immediately moved her to a hospital tank with clean water and fresh filter cartridge, bare bottom no decorations of anything. I...
  7. W

    Pale Serpae Tetra Not Eating?

    Hey, so one of my eight serpae tetras has looked a little more pale and ragged than the rest of my serpaes for a while now, and I noticed today that it was going after the food aggressively but would spit it out immediately after trying to eat it. I used the flake food that I give to my serpaes...
  8. L

    Help! Possible Sick Spotted Raphael Catfish

    Hello! Just over a month ago, I started up my first 20g freshwater fish tank. So far I have five cherry barbs, one dwarf gourami, a spotted Raphael catfish, and a beta fish. All has been going fairly well, but about two weeks ago I noticed a few of my barbs having long white stringy waste (which...
  9. D

    Wierd Translucent Leaves?

    Hi all, I bought a java fern and it was a deep dark green, but the new growth which has happened while it has been in the tank is a pale green and even a bit translucent.   Is this a fixable problem or just normal?   In the pick you can...
  10. GuppyGirl20

    Why Does This Happen?

    I woke up this morning and my betta's fins were transparent (like when I first got it) and it's body looked a little pale. I freaked out and did a water change. With help from Ch4rile I calmed down and tested my water and everything was where it needed to be. I also gave my betta a little bit of...
  11. L

    Rainbow Shark Born To Be Gray?

    Hello :) I'm new to fish forums, but I've used the info from your forums for years. I decided to join because I a puzzling rainbow shark. I've had him for about 6 months now. When I got him he was very small, probably the smallest I've ever seen. He was pretty pale when I bought him, but I...
  12. dhartIndy

    Help! Panda Cory Pale - Normal When Spawning?

    So I just did a water change (about 10% every 4th day) and like clockwork I noticed my two adults have spawned again. Left a clutch of about 6 eggs and still at it. I noticed they have both gotten pale since yesterday. The male more than the female. Has anyone ever noticed or come across...
  13. davidjp1982

    Very Pale Neon Tetras - But Seem Perfectly Healthy...

    About 2 weeks ago I picked up a batch of newly arrived Neon Tetras from my LFS - I immediately noticed that they seemed very pale, especially in the red area but naively assumed this was from the stress of arrival from the supplier to the fish store and assumed that with some TLC and good food...
  14. David J

    Pale Lemon Tetra

    Hi I have 7 lemon tetra and 6 glowlight tetra in my 90L. The lemon have been in for 1 month. They were quite pale when I got them which I know is normal until they settle. After only a couple of days they all coloured up nicely and now look stunning. For the last couple of days I've noticed...