1. Woodlol

    Series of Questions!

    Questions regarding my two tanks, my 10 gallon and 30 gallon. I pictured my 30 gallon... I'm working on both. Sorry it's a lot! 1) Can cory cats and oto cats live together? I have two young panda corys and an old bronze cory cat in my 10 gallon, the old cory is kind of a fat bully who muscles...
  2. reptilenotfish

    Bald patch on otos head!

    I've kept four otos with a male betta in a heavily planted 6.5 gallon (30c) aquarium for a little less than two years now (don't know exactly how long), and haven't had any issues so far. Yesterday, I was watching the tank, and noticed a pale cream bald patch on one of their heads. my first...
  3. outofwater

    Oto looking lethargic, "pale" ?

    Hi, so a week ago I got a couple of otos and a dozen of neons. As discussed on another thread , something happened with the neons and lost 5 total. Did a 4 day round of melafix with daily 30% water changes. The 7 remaining ones seem to be thriving. This morning I noticed one of the otos looked...
  4. F

    Otocinclus sensitivity: multiple courses of meds

    It’s coming to the end of the month for my 3 otos in quarantine. They’re with 5 straita loaches so I did a dewormer esha ndx (with 2nd dose 14 days later) and esha hex as a precaution. I forgot about tapeworms though so I’m thinking of doing another 3 day treatment before adding them. It’s with...
  5. bettafishlover86

    Fish larger than average

    I have noticed that my otocinclus catfish looks larger than most pictures I see of them on the internet. The same thing goes for one of my ghost shrimp. Is there something wrong with them? Why are they so big?
  6. L

    Can anyone identify if this is a parasite?

    Hey guys... I've had my otos for around 3 months now and even when I first got them I noticed a small discoloured spot on the underside towards the tail end of one of them and he/she seemed fine so thought it might have been scar tissue. I then thought it may be eggs but now I don't think so as...
  7. sweeteybabey


    Hello everyone! My name is Emma, and I'm a 16-year-old girl who has Autism, my special interest is fishkeeping! My favourite fish are Corydoras, as I've had mine for over a year now! I love learning new things about fish, and I love helping out others! :) I've attached some photos of my fish!
  8. Circus

    Ammonia Spike/Cycle Crash

    I woke up today to the filter on my 15 gallon shrimp and otocinclus tank not working, and about 20 of my red cherry shrimp dead or dying. I immediately removed all of the dead shrimp I could find and did two 80% water changes (dosing with prime) and added media from another filter to this one. I...
  9. Circus

    Stocking a 29 Gallon

    Tell me what you guys think of my stock list? At the moment I have 10 pygmy corydoras and 2 rescued cardinal tetra. I plan on bringing the cardinals up to 12 or so and they cories up to 15 (more of both if you guys think it could work). When the tank is mature enough, I will be moving my 5 oto...
  10. Circus

    Little Worms?

    Can you guys give me some advice on what these little worm things are? These pics are from my 15 column with cherry shrimp and oto catfish, I had guppy fish in there but moved the last one out about 10 days ago. I noticed these little worms in the substrate and on the almond leaves I have in the...
  11. J

    Strange white patches on otocinclus.

    Anyone know what might be wrong with my oto? I thought maybe columnaris but it doesn't appear to be fuzzy at all. Any help would be very much appreciated. He is still swimming normal, though not as much. Mostly just sits in one spot for a while. He is still eating, but appetite is not as big as...
  12. Meg0000

    Otocinclus number

    Hi, I would like to know how many otos I should add to my tank (in quite a long time so there is enough algea) because I read that a lot of people struggle to feed them because they are too shy to go eat food and starve to death when there is no more algea. How many should I get in a 50 gallon...
  13. F

    Stocking 105L/27 Gallon Tank

    Hi, I have a planted tank that’s in the process of cycling so while I wait I’d like to know how many of each type of fish I can have in my aquarium. Please let me know how to adjust my numbers so that everyone has room and the bioload isn’t exceeded. I have the tetra ‘starter line’ 105L/27...
  14. Vengified

    Otocinclus White ~2Otocin fuzzballs random spots

    Not quite sure what's going on with my oto. He is one of three, the only one of three, to show these "fuzzballs" on his back. I'm not sure if its columnaris, or something else? It doesnt seem to match what I can find of columnaris either. I noticed one spot, a few days ago and thought maybe an...
  15. H

    Need Advice to Acclimate Guppies, Aquaponics

    I am moving 3 guppies (1 make, 2 female) to a larger tank. They are to go from a 5 gallon aquaponic system to a 35 gallon aquaponic system. The 5 gallon system is set to 79 degrees Fahrenheit, has a couple filters with mechanical and established biological filtration, decent aeration, and live...
  16. thrujenseyes

    oto advice

    About a year ago, I got some bad advice from a LFS (go figure). And I left with three little Otocinclus for my too small tank ...Fluval Edge 6 Gallon (fully cycled and running for well over a year). After coming here and learning about how they're caught and mostly starving by the time they...
  17. Tyler_Fishman

    Algae ID

    I recently trimmed an old leaf off my sword to find that it was covered in a carpet of this short algae, not sure if it's hair algae, id like to know for the heck of it Thanks.
  18. D

    Yet again another stock question

    Hi guys Was wondering if someone could give their opinion on the following stocking level. I have bought a Fluval Edge 57L (15G) but it's not set up yet. The cycling process is starting this weekend. I manged to find some Dr Tims One & Only Freshwater plus the Ammonium Chloride which I plan...
  19. Tyler_Fishman

    Catfish trouble

    recently I Did a 80% water change, all My fish were fine until My dwarf cories,otocinculus and bristle nose pleco started going for air constantly,they loose a bubble of air like they can't hold it on and then go for a new one Ph 6.7 Ammonia 0 Nitrate 10 Nitrite 0 Tank size 10 Gallon
  20. K

    Live-Bearers Only

    I'm looking to stock my 29 gallon with live-bearers only. I used a site that calculates your filtration and stock that I can't mention here for some reason and saw that I can have 10 Guppies, 10 Endlers, 5 Julii Corys, 5 Otocinclus, and 6 Cherry Shrimp. It says my filtration is 134% and my...