1. C

    Filtration Pads

    I have an easy crystal filter box 600 from tetra that came with my tank. The care instructions aay the pad should he taken out and changed every four weeks and that bacteria grows on something else inside the filter called a biological grid I know that a lot of people say not to change roads...
  2. Dmbandstef

    Opinions On The Show "tanked."

    I find the show to be very entertaining. They people on the show are cool and the aquariums are gorgeous, BUT they severely overstock all of their tanks! It makes me crazy! Like the one where they built a pinball machine tank and they put like 30 angelfish in each tank! Like, come on!
  3. F!shy


    Hell all, After some opinions Please...   I Have Planted 3 Plants into an Empty Aquarium and found I had a stow-away snail arrive. I know they are cleaners so am not totally against having him in there (I think).   However in a couple of weeks once its ready and running for a short while (maybe...
  4. C

    Restarting My Tanks Inside, Opinions On What Im About To Buy?

    Sorry didn't know how to word the title haha!   Ok so my 190 litre 4 foot tank im having a few problems with it and my sand just being sucked into my filter etc so deciding to start fresh (not the fish) and make it look better and have better stuff but am on a very tight budget.   So need to...
  5. RCA

    Unipac Gravel And Sand, Which Do You Own?

    I use the Unipac Tana (recommended) and more latterly the Sengal, my preferred.  I have just bought some Limpopo for a new project, but am considering whether to switch it to one of the sands?  Therefore, I am interested in what other people own and what fish they keep in their tanks with these...