1. S


    Hi, I have some issues with my fish and want to treat the tank. Can anyone advise if it would be ok to mix API General Cure & API Fin & Body Cure? both antibiotics. I have red Blotch (it seems) with the Cory's 1 died....and a few guppies died (recently added). One Cory has a white swelling on...
  2. Aqua_Life

    Betta Infection, Injury Care: Help Pls

    I recently decided to set up a nano aquarium (2.1 gal). I didn't intend to place any fish within the aquarium (a planted tank & maybe a few dwarf shrimp) as it is far too small for any fish to truly thrive and be happy. However after getting it setup and cycled I was looking for potential plants...
  3. Barry Tetra

    Can you help me listing all med for fish

    Dropsy, bloated, pinecone, fungus and all of the disease. please give me the name so i can order it all on ebay. @Retired Viking
  4. JMuth

    Tank Emergency; Gold fish is red, fish are lethargic, danio has ich

    Tank size: ~5 Gal. US pH:7.8 (This is what it has been since I started measuring) ammonia: >0ppm (just the slightest hint of green, not enough to put it at .25, but more than 0) nitrite: 0 ppm nitrate: 40 ppm kH: Unknown gH: Unknown tank temp: 80F Fish Symptoms (include full description...
  5. GuppyGirl20

    Help! How to proceed with medication

    Hi. I have a carbon filter. One of the cheapy nothing fancy kind so the carbon cant be removed without destroying the filter. It's been in use for longer than 4 weeks so the carbon part should be ineffective, right? I suspect my poor betta has somehow got a fungal infection. His poor mouth area...
  6. L

    Please help! Cannot find any info on this

    Can someone please help me? One of my Dalmatian molly fish is going to die if I can't figure this out. I have a 60gallon tank, with 35+ other mollies (they keep having babies and I don't know what to do with them... but that is a problem for a different day). The tank has been established...
  7. Chris1075

    Treatment Medication Recommendation

    Hello, I am looking for some advice for treatment or medication to use to treat fin rot. I have been to my LFS, which advised me to do 25% - 50% water changes every other day and aquarium salt and use Seachem's Garlic Guard. It looked like it had cleared up, and the tetra was getting better. A...
  8. C

    Balloon Molly help

    Can anyone tell me what this white stuff is on my balloon molly and what u should do about it thank you
  9. T

    Ich Problem- Help

    After coming back from a trip I discovered that my was colorless and had white spots all over him. (A fish my family member had picked up from her friend had been placed in my aquarium while I was gone.) I freaked out and went to the store to buy...
  10. W

    Ick Guard Making My Fish Sick?

    About 4 days ago I noticed the dreaded "white spots" were on a couple cherry barbs in my tank. I initially added about a tablespoon of aquarium salt to my tank (36 gallons) and turned up my heater to 82 degrees as a quick fix too try to get rid of the ich, But the next day those barbs gained a...
  11. C

    Sick Fish, Still Can't Find A Solution After Trying Two Medication

    My German Blue Ram has had a cloudy eye and protruding white mass for some time now (see pictures). Two weeks ago I posted asking for help on the issue and decided to treat with herbal tonics (pimafix and melafix by API). After the recommended dosing I saw no change so I purchased some...
  12. S

    Fungus Medication Safe For Fry ? Which One ?

    I have a 10 gal tank and some of my bigger guppies got fungus, and I would like to treat them, but I also have many fry (platy and guppy) in the same tank. Is there a medication for the fry ?? I have some methyl blue, aquarium salt and Tetra Fungus Guard.  
  13. Nordk

    Can Guppies Handle Salt Treatment?

    Hello everyone! Recently, I moved both of my guppies to a new tank, after their tank mate outgrew them. Shortly after, one of them died, and the other one became extremely ill, dying shortly after, despite many 70% water changes and a temp. raise with extra airation. One thing I did not try was...
  14. maninahat

    Severe Betta Illness - Medication Not Helping

    Hello there folks. I've been having problems with a bacterial infection with my betta fish. I've been treating for what looks to be severe fin rot, but medication has yet to have any positive effect. Over the week, the condition has worsened, and the bacteria is continuing to spread. Further...