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  1. G

    Canister Skill Issue? Or Marineland Messup?

    I have a 30gal and switched from an HoB to a Marineland Magniflow 220 canister filter approximately 5 weeks ago (Im only using the provided media, no custom stuff). I left my HoB running for a week, just to help get the new filter up and running. For the first few weeks, it was working like a...
  2. E

    Converting a Biorb Tank to a Different Filter/Substrate

    Hi, I have an 8 gallon Biorb Flow tank. I've had it for about a year and a half. I love the tank but I hate the filtration system, and the biorb ceramic substrate is tearing up my current Betta's fins (he likes to sleep on the bottom). So I'm wanting to change up the filtration system and...
  3. crupp29

    Recommended Filtration Media

    I have a 10 gallon freshwater aquarium that I am plan on keeping a few guppies and a couple of plants in. The filter I have is the Tetra Whisper IQ. I was wondering what the best media for mechanical and biological filtration would be in my situation. Most of what I've read has said that...
  4. CaptainBarnicles

    Hang on back filter media

    I bought a cheap little hang on back which I really like but it came with one of those rubbish cartridge thingies.. I've just stuck a sponge I nabbed from another tank in the for the time being but I obviously want something more permanent. What shall I get and how do I position it? I want...
  5. M

    Media Donation

    Hi guys, I've been away for a long time indeed! I was once known for having one of the longest fishless setup cycles ever But with the help of @waterdrop and @chesterscot I got through it. Well now I am back and after a bit of a hand to get me started. I dont suppose anybody in the Chester area...
  6. YavaarNosimohomed

    Filter Broke For 65G Aquarium And I Don't Know What To Do?

    So literally just now my eheim 2213 canister filter started leaking. I didn't know what to do so I emptied out all the water. I have a spare fluval filter c3 hang on back filter but i dont think it has been cycled yet. I am letting it run on the tank till I can get a replacement canister filter...
  7. hudsona85

    Best Media For Canister

    Alright! Well after trying to find a good spot to put this subject into a forum, I found this one to be the closest I can get. I have a 75 gallon FW tank planned to set up with a Penn Plax 1500 canister filter system...
  8. Deepatlantis

    Filter Media Advice Needed Please

    Hi, I have a Classica Paradom 60 tank and I've never replaced the filter media but it's starting to fall apart. The tank is fully cycled and established. I don't know what type of filter I need. It is a freshwater tropical tank and I believe it came with a fine white polyester sponge filter, but...
  9. Z

    New Tank. New Fishkeeper..

    Hi   I have recently bought a new tank (Aquanano 40, 55ltr) and am currently running a fishless cycle.  This has been going for over a week now and progress is pretty slow.  My Ammonia reading has been about 4ppm for the last 6 days and doesn't seem to be going down.  I finally have some Nitrite...
  10. J

    Established Filter Media

    Yesterday I set up a 10 gallon tank (looking to house a kribensis pair). I put on a new aquaclear 20 filter. I have an established 55 gal community tank with an Emperor 280 and Aquaclear 70 on it...I took the sponge from the 70 and cut it up to fit into the AC 20. I put the rest of the sponge...
  11. phishyphil

    Purigen - How Much Is Needed?

    Purigen Right, I am going to try out Seachem's Purigen filter media. Question is, How much is needed to fill 1/2 to 3/4 of a Tetratec EX1200 Basket? I will be running the bottom of the tray in purigen, and the top part of the tray with a course sponge Thanks in advance PC