lump on fish

  1. ella777

    Lump on cardinal tetra?

    One of my cardinal tetras has a small yellowish lump on the side of it. His colour is great and hes swimming around normally with the others. It doesnt look like ich, maybe a tumour? None of the other fish have it. Hes about 4 years old and 1.5 inches. I cant seem to take a picture of him...
  2. H

    Strange lump on neon tetra

    Recently this weird bump on one of my fish appeared and I want to know how I can care for it
  3. A

    Betta with lump on right side

    Hello, I've noticed that my betta has a lump on only the right side of his body. It has gotten more pronounced in the past week -- in fact, I only noticed it a few days ago. His behavior is completely the same. He's active and has a great appetite, but I am concerned and am not sure what the...
  4. danajs

    Lump on Betta’s tail?

    For a few weeks now, one of my boys has had what I can only describe as an air bubble on his tail and I was told it’s nothing to worry about, but I came down this morning and it’s more than quadrupled in size! He’s actively swimming and feeding, so it doesn’t seem to be bothering him at all...
  5. danajs

    Growth on Platy?

    My partner has noticed this morning a strange lump/growth on the side of one of his female platys. She’s still swimming around happily enough and eating, but we’d just like to know what this is and if it’s something that needs treating (as she lives with a number of other fish). Tank is 120l...
  6. A

    Signs my fish has worms?

    Hi there, In one of my tanks, I noticed that my bristlenose pleco has something that looks like callamanus worms. I double checked with PetSmart and they said it looked normal. My water levels are fine and I have not introduced any new fish or plants to my aquarium for over a month now. My...
  7. Bettagills

    White Growth on Betta - EMERGENCY - unsure of what it is

    Azora is a Halfmoon female betta fish of about a year old. She is energetic, happy, colorful, eats frequently and with no issue. About a month ago I noticed a small white dot (bump) growing above her right eye. I research and began treating her for a fungal issue using pimafix. After a week of...
  8. SarahMarie

    Angelfish with lump on stomach

    Hi everyone, I've just noticed a lump on my Angel's stomach. We've had her for around 5 years now and shes never had any problems before. Shes in a 350l tank which is fully cycled. Also have done a 40% water change today and cleaned filter sponges (in tank water) just last week. No new fish...
  9. R

    Bloodred parrot

    Hi I wonder if anyone can help me. Iv 2 bloodred parrot fish, had them about 5 yrs. They both are about the size of my hand. Recently one of them has developed a pea sized bump just above its eyes. Is this normal? It's a healthy fish and appears to be happy enough. Just want to know if this is...
  10. A

    Looking For Help

      I'm hoping that someone can help me figure out what this lump is on my guppy. I've been looking, thinking maybe its a tumor, but I just want to hear some others opinions too. Please, if you know what this is let me know. Thank you!