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  1. T

    Why won't my guppy drop her fry??? Please help...

    Hello, I am having a little complication with about several of my female guppies. They just won't drop their fry. They are huge and look as if they are balloons on the verge of popping. Now between them they are going on about a month and a half to 2 months without dropping any fry and I know...
  2. P

    How Do I Know When It's Time For My Platy To Give Birth?

    just a couple questions about my pregnant platy, and again it's my first time with pregnant fish! i keep hearing the ways to tell like they'll be squared off like this kinda \__/ and they'll get the gravid spot but it's still not really easy for a first timer to identify those things, can anyone...
  3. P

    Are My Mollies And Platys Pregnant?

    i'm not a beginner but i'm definitely not advanced yet, but i'm really excited cuz i'm pretty sure these 2 fish are both pregnant =D, i have 2 pics of my molly (sold to me as a golden panda lyre tail molly, can anyone tell me if that's right based on the pictures cuz she's ALOT more black than...
  4. L

    Livebearing Tank And All My Issues.

    To start, my name is Melissa.  I live in Iowa, USA.  I have lots of tanks over the years, my first was when I was 16 and it was a 20 gallon eclipse form Petsmart.  My sister bought it for my as a birthday gift.  For this tank, she bought me 2 black moors and I loved them. I went on spring break...
  5. Brahmza

    Looking For Livebearers/small Breeders!

    Hey everyone. I'm looking to scope out options for a few new tanks I have cycling. I want to breed livebearers, but I'm looking for breeds that are commonly accepted by some local fish stores. I know most stores won't take guppies, but what about platies, mollies or swords? Are there any other...