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  1. Slammin’ Aquascaping


    Hey fishkeepers! My name is Sammy and I am from thr GTA. I breed fish for fun, specifically livebearers (especially from the genus poecilia) and bettas. My goal on this platform is to help fishkeepers worldwide! (I may seek help as well) Fishkeeping is my favourite hobby and I have been doing it...
  2. V

    Could this have killed my platy?

    There were two adult males, one female adult, and a lot of babies in the tank. I meant to get more females than males, but the store gave me another male. Today I found one of the males dead. Could a male platy kill another male over a female? I don't think I saw any signs of injury on the dead...
  3. Katemine

    Nursery tank is finally complete.

    10 gal set up for live bearing mothers and their fry. No males allowed. Non pregnant females and males are kept in a studding tank. I love this hobby. It is keeping ke very happy. Let me know what you think of it.
  4. V

    What is she doing?

    It almost looks like she's drinking the water. She's not doing it constantly; she'll take a break then go right back to it. I hope she's okay.
  5. J

    Live bearer laying egg and hatching???

    I Have two female guppies and one male guppy. I kept them in a 3 gallon tank together for about a week and then transferred them into a 10 gallon tank. I let them breed for about a week until I noticed the gravid spot on them getting darker. I then removed the male from the tank and put him back...
  6. Honey Fish

    Guppies how do I care for them

    Ok I’m getting guppies I have a 10 gallon tank so I have a few questions 1. How many should I put in? 2. Males? Females? Both? 3. Should I add tank mates? 4. What plants should a put in? 5. Also please include a basic care guide My water info I have hard water at 127 ppm I have a ph my PH...
  7. G

    Possibly pregnant Swordtail help!!

    Fat or pregnant swordtail ?? Is she is pregnant how much longer do you think until babies? … so sorry she is pooping😂 It’s a koi female swordtail and I also have a male koi swordtail I have another post too today for a platy if u can help with that too won’t let me put vids so they are blurry
  8. Circus

    Picked up Free Tank, Free Fish

    So I was browsing the marketplace yesterday and came upon an ad for free fish tanks. I, of course, hopped on it. Just got home after picking it up and setting it up. It turns out, she still had the fish, but would have no tanknonce I left with the last one. She offered the fish as well. I...
  9. Pugsnstuf

    Underrated livebearers

    https://aquaticarts.com/products/humpback-limia-livebearer-limia-nigrofasciatus these big dudes are so cool. Would advise getting these if you want something oddball in your livebearer tanks.
  10. M

    Livebearers not breeding-suggestions?

    Hi everyone, Apologies for the long winded post, but I want to give as much information as I can to hopefully get the best answers possible. I currently have a 20 gallon tank set up. I’ve kept tanks on and off for years. This tank was set up in November. It contains livebearers as well as live...
  11. E

    Identify this endler?

    Hello! Just wondering if anyone has seen an endler like this before and if it has a name? It’s not a good photo, in real life it’s almost rainbow coloured with black markings. Tail fin is yellow/orange moving to pink / green on the tail itself, turquoise on the body with an orange stripe and...
  12. S

    Platy looks a bit boxy

    My platy looks a bit boxy and i would like some confirmation from someone who knows what they're doing
  13. D

    Is my fish pregnant

    Just bought a couple of days ago, if she’s pregnant how long left would you say? Thanks in advance!
  14. A

    Loosing a fish almost weekly

    For starters, I'm not new to fish.... I have a 55g tank, water tests fine, I have ruled that out already. Tank has guppies/platys in it... Recently I added 2 super pregnant molly/mosquito fish hybrids to it (I breed them as feeders)... Being that they are mostly colorless, I'm wondering if what...
  15. S

    Pregnant platy cloacas open?

    Both of my pregnant platys seem yo have an open cloaca and im a bit worried
  16. S

    Platys might be pregnant

    I think my platys might be pregnant if so how soon are they due. Im new to this and i would really love some help I did my best with the pics and Thier gravid spots look alot bigger in person
  17. C

    Neoheterandria elegans-Tiger Teddys

    I learned about these guys several months ago and, they are my two favorite things in one, livebearer and a "nano" fish. and I really would like to have a planted species tank but all i can find for sale are males...i get it theyre pretty uncommon in the hobby...does anyone know where i can get...
  18. L

    How long does my guppy have left?

    Hi just wondering if anyone has an idea of how long my guppy has left please
  19. V


    So I have a rescue guppy female I saved. She was so thin and beaten I really thought she would never be all the way back to have any drops. I have three male “Endler” guppies I’m sure they are hybridized not pure blood lines. So nature have run it’s course and I have 7-10 fry!!! How long before...
  20. Ingrid

    Plants that platties and guppies don't eat

    Are there any plants that guppies and platties can't eat or don't eat ? Any advice welcome